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COMING SOON: Build Your Business With The Wellness Program Jumpstart

October 26, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

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Finish the year strong with a brand-new program… or start early and pre-sell your New Year’s wellness program right now… and we’ll show you how!

Wish you had a holiday program to offer to your clients right now, but just don’t have the time to put anything together?

Do you want a proven way to launch a New Year’s program to generate more revenue for your health coaching practice?

Are you not sure how to maximize MBODY360 to boost your income and attract more paying clients?

We’ve got the perfect game plan for you.

The Wellness Program Jumpstart is our very own virtual how-to bootcamp to launch your own revenue-generating programs and services using MBODY360 and the MBODY360 Wellness Store – all in less than 60 days!

This self-guided program will provide you with a step-by-step plan to plan, price, market and successfully manage your next health and wellness challenge, group, or personalized 1-to-1 wellness offering.

Templates, Worksheets, and Manageable Steps

Stop spinning your wheels trying to put together everything from scratch. We make it easy for you to take your program from idea to reality.

Sign up for the Wellness Program Jumpstart and receive access to our planning worksheets and templates, including sample landing page copy, promotional emails, and other content examples for you to use to create your own unique program.

When you join, you’ll receive a weekly Wellness Program Jumpstart Plan – with the tasks you need to complete to plan, organize and start promoting your program in just a few weeks.

You will discover how to:

  • Plan a successful program for the right audience and the right time
  • Create a pricing strategy that helps you earn more recurring revenue
  • Easily create a program sales landing page that converts leads to customers
  • Automate client sign up, and process payments to save time
  • Customize your plans in MBODY360 with additional content and video
  • Create a winning email campaign to promote your program – with done-for-you examples
  • How to leverage MBODY360 to manage your program and clients

Boost Your Recurring Revenue With the MBODY360 Wellness Store

We’ll also show you how to generate more revenue for your practice with the MBODY360 Wellness Store Affiliate program. You can offer products from the Wellness Store as part of your next launch, and you can let clients shop for products on their own.

As an affiliate, you will earn 25% commission for every purchase your clients make.

Get ready to take your health & wellness practice to the next level with MBODY360. Stay tuned for more!