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6 Reasons to Use Video in Your Health Coach Practice

May 15, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

Video is leading the way in content consumption. According to research from Impact, there are more than 500 million hours of videos viewed YouTube each day. About 82% of users watch video content on Twitter. And it’s not all funny cat videos. More businesses find video marketing attracts more potential customers and increases sales.

Adding video to your practice can expand your reach and help you create a content-rich marketing calendar. Video helps you keep clients more engaged and supports them with less effort. Here are 6 reasons to get started today:

Reason #1: Attract more prospects through your blog and newsletters

People spend more time on YouTube than broadcast TV. Posting your videos on your own channel can help increase organic search to your website.

You can upload videos to YouTube, and then use your videos as content-rich blog posts. Then, you can repurpose your video blog posts in newsletter emails to your mailing list.

Your videos don’t need to be very long or in-depth. The videos that get the most views and shares are those that are up to 2 minutes long.

You also don’t need professional equipment or a special studio to make quality video content. With your smartphone and a few talking points, you can connect and provide value.

You save time by recording your message once and redistributing it over and over again.

Prospective clients can get to know you and your coaching practice in their own perfect timing–when they’re searching for the solutions that you provide.

Reason #2: Get more video views and shares of social posts

Once you have several video posts in your blog or on your YouTube channel, you can start repurposing them. Use them as social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The best video content provides value. If you can provide health tips, share a quick recipe or tell a good success story, your videos are more likely to get shared.

Social video posts get 1200% more shares than posts with text and photos only. Videos on Facebook pages can increase engagement by 33%. The more your clients share your posts, the greater your reach to potential new clients.

Sharing also gives your practice invaluable social proof. Prospective clients are much more likely to reach out to you when their friends are recommending you.

Reason #3: Attract more clients through challenges

One of the best ways to get new clients into your practice is to give them a taste of what they will get when they work with you.

Do you offer a DIY cleanse program? A clean eating or cardiometabolic group program? You could record 2-3 short intro videos. Tell them about what they’ll eat and eliminate, and share intros to healthy practices like meditation and sleep hygiene.

Create a short 5-day challenge where prospective clients can try out your tips. Send them one video per day in email, or create a special Facebook group for your challenge. Have people report back about their results and celebrate their successes.

Once prospective clients start getting results, they’ll want to keep going. You can offer them one of your paid Self-Paced programs or a Group program to keep their momentum.

Reason #4: Sell more of your programs and products on your website

According to recent statistics, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service via video. Viewers also remember 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when they read it in text. Cialis from fitbell is the medication we prescribe to our patients with different levels of erectile dysfunction severity. This drug is effective regardless of the cause of the disease (diabetes, trauma, mental health issues) and helps even to those who felt no improvements after using other ED pills.

So it makes sense to include a video message in your website landing pages where you are selling your products or programs.

You can record a video of you talking about the benefits of your plans or products and what results clients can expect to get when they work with you.

If you can share specific results from real clients, even better.

The best way to do this is to ask past clients if they would be willing to give you a video testimonial. Even a one-minute video of a past client talking about how great they feel, how much weight they lost, or how much better their labs are will give your program a credibility boost that can help convert prospects to clients.

Reason #5: Increase client engagement through MBODY360

Your MBODY360 app and practitioner platform can help you streamline your communication and increase client engagement. Adding your own videos into MBODY360 personalizes the patient experience.

Clients improve plan compliance when they review your advice. With videos, they can watch and review your advice on their own time. They can reabsorb what they learn from you and put your advice into practice.

You save time through repurposing. You record once and upload videos to your practitioner portal. You can repurpose some of the videos that you create for your social content, or record specific instructions for plans.

Then you can share them to multiple clients going through your self-paced plans or group programs. It’s like you’re walking them through the program, though you’re not there.

Reason #6: Get more publicity with speaking opportunities

Would you love to be interviewed on your local news channel? Or featured in a prominent podcast? Or be invited as a speaker in a virtual summit or on a live stage?

Your video marketing can pave the way for bigger stages.

When you practice speaking on video, you become more comfortable in front of cameras and on stages. And as you develop speaking skills, you will get new opportunities to share your practice.

Becoming a speaker gives you greater exposure to more people, which can increase your pool of prospective clients. It also raises your profile, and you become known as an expert in your field.

Video marketing has a compounding effect. The more good video content you create and send out, the more potential clients and opportunities you can attract to your practice.