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Using Health Technology as Your Competitive Advantage

August 20, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

The health and wellness landscape has transformed dramatically over the last few years, largely driven by technology.

Video visits and virtual wellness have exploded in popularity during the last 18 months especially, as many healthcare practitioners adapted to continue to provide services during ever-changing lockdowns and quarantines.

Before 2020, the total revenue of telehealth was an estimated $3 billion, with the biggest focus on virtual urgent care. With the acceleration of telehealth, it is expected to grow to $250 billion of the current US healthcare.

Fitness apps have grown more popular among consumers, due to the rising interest in living a healthy lifestyle and being proactive in their wellness.

The overall global market for women’s health apps alone is expected to be worth $3.9 billion by 2026.

Online fitness programs have grown in popularity as well — especially among women. In fact, fitness apps have helped more women than ever get or stay in shape, helping to close the gender gap in health and wellness.

Mobile apps and even AI chatbots have been growing in popularity as a temporary stand-in for health and mental wellness coaching.

And while apps, DIY programs, and AI robots are growing more popular, they are no match for the power of real coaching and real coaches.

Coaches + the Right Technology = Better Results

There will always be some clients that want to DIY their own health journey. And for a while, they may be able to make some progress with wearable fitness trackers and automated health apps.

But the ones who are serious about accelerating their health journey will look for a guide who has gone on the path before them. They will eventually hit a wall where they know they don’t know it all and need support.

That’s where you can step in as their guide — and provide them with the technology that will accelerate their progress and your practice.

With the MBODY360 app, you can assign clients a nutrition plan and recommend supplements to help them get to their next level of wellbeing.

Clients can track their progress in the MBODY360 app and know that you are monitoring their progress. They get the satisfaction of seeing their progress right on their phone, while also getting the support and feedback that you provide based on what you see in your practice dashboard.

Your clients are more likely to stay accountable to your plan and get better results when they work with you and with MBODY360.

The Right Technology Can Accelerate Your Practice

With MBODY360, you get a patient engagement and monitoring tool that is unlike any health tech available. There is no other tool that offers practitioners real-time insight into the metrics that patients are tracking with their wearables and in health apps.

When you have better insight into what is actually working for your clients and where they need support, it is easier for you to adjust their plan to make it work better for them.

And because your plans, supplement recommendations, and client monitoring are all in one place, MBODY360 can help you save tons of time and effort over managing several different technologies and interfaces.

You can stay in one dashboard and get access to all of the tools that make it easier to serve more clients at one time.

More Tech-Savvy Health Coaches are Needed Now

The growing desire for wellness and preventative health means that there is also a growing need for wellness coaches to work with clinical practitioners like naturopaths, chiropractors, and even MDs.

The majority of clinical health practitioners do not have the bandwidth — nor the actual training and experience — to take on the additional role of coach. They will seek expert guides who can work alongside them in their practice to support more patients.

If you are a health coach that already knows how to leverage technology to reduce costs and reach more patients, you have a distinct advantage over other health coaches.

MBODY360 is the technology solution that works for both health coaches and clinical practitioners. It is HIPAA-compliant so that you can work securely with patients directly through the app and practitioner portal. It offers clinical-grade nutrition plans, and can capture clinically-relevant health metrics to provide a deeper understanding of a patient’s progress with a particular care plan. And it can generate reports that practitioners can use to more easily adjust care plans as needed.