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Two Ways to Offer Clients a Fall Detox Program

September 24, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

Students are back in classes. Parents are getting back to routine. And your clients are ready for the second “fresh start” of the year – the one that the fall season brings each year.

Now is the time to take advantage of that back-to-school energy. You still have a window of opportunity to plan and offer a guided fall detox to your clients and followers.

Even if you’re not quite ready to launch a fall group coaching program, you can still offer your clients a way to DIY their own detox — and start earning some recurring revenue. The MBODY360 Wellness Store can be your own online store to support your clients’ fall detox plans.

Let “Clients and Friends” Shop for Wellness Products

Once you sign up as an MBODY360 Wellness Store affiliate, you will get a unique link that will track all of the sales that come through your store.

You can share this link directly with all your clients, even past ones, and of course their close friends and family—and let them know that they can shop for whatever they like.

They will have instant access to shop the complete catalog of clinical-grade supplements from Designs for Health®, our premier wellness partner. These supplements provide therapeutic doses of high-quality nutrients available, and each ingredient is thoroughly researched for proven efficacy.

For fall detoxing, you can point your friends and family to the VegeCleanse Plus™ 14-Day or 21-Day Detox, Pure PaleoCleanse Plus™ Detox Program, or Detox: Original Program — all available through the program kits page.

The MBODY360 Wellness Store also has the complete line of reignite : wellness by JJ Virgin products — which include All-in-1 Shakes, protein and fiber bars, and more.

Give Friends, Family, and Clients a DIY Fall Cleanse

You can offer your friends and clients a way to cleanse on their own, without your direct, day-to-day support, through MBODY360 for free to your friends, family, and clients — and still get paid.

Here’s how it works:

Choose one of the 14-Day or 28-Day nutrition plans in the MBODY360 library to offer as your detox program, and include one of the detox program kits through the MBODY360 Wellness Store to support the cleanse.

Let them know that you have a DIY detox program available, and when they purchase the detox program kit through your affiliate link, you will give them your app for free to help them go through the program.

Your participants can go through their DIY detox on their own schedule, tracking their progress in their MBODY360 app.

Each day they are on the detox, the app will act as their automated coach in their pocket. It will send daily reminders and inspiration to help your participants to keep tracking and keep going. You will have access to all of the metrics that your participants report through your practitioner portal.

Once they have completed their detox, you can follow up with each participant to see how they did and enroll them in the next step of their wellness journey. That could be your next group program, a maintenance program, or one-on-one coaching.

Get Started with The MBODY360 Wellness Store

If you are not yet an affiliate of the MBODY360 Wellness Store, now is the perfect time to sign up. It is free to join and turns your MBODY360 subscription into a money-maker by enabling you to earn affiliate commissions for client purchases.

The MBODY360 Wellness Store enables you to have an instant storefront that is already stocked and ready for business.

Another advantage that they’ll have from shopping through your store—their products will ship directly from the manufacturer. You can be assured that they are getting high-quality, verified products at a fair price.

And you won’t have to deal with inventory or shipping. Anything they buy will be dropshipped directly to their doorstep. You will earn a generous 25% commission on every order that goes through your link.

You can get started as an affiliate right here.

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