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Teach Clients to Cook Healthy Recipes

November 20, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

Building a healthy eating routine takes practice. It’s easy for clients to fall into the trap of picking up grab-and-go convenience foods and takeout meals. But if clients want lifelong health, it’s essential for them to learn how to prepare their own food.

Simple recipes prepared with fresh ingredients at home can save lots of calories. Restaurants add extra fat, sugar, and salt to dishes to make food taste better. Portions are also typically much larger than what you serve to yourself at home. That’s why one dinner plate at a restaurant could have the equivalent of a full day’s calories.

Cooking at home also saves time and money. Your clients could call for takeout and wait 30 minutes or more for restaurant food to appear. Or they could easily chop some fresh ingredients and sautee them in a pan to have their own home-cooked food on the table in 20 minutes. Not to mention the cost savings — one dinner for four at a restaurant can easily cost as much as a week’s worth of groceries.

Cooking can seem daunting for many clients, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s easier for clients to start cooking if they have quick recipes. And it also helps if they know what to eat when — because many are just not sure how to plan their meals.

If you’re a health coach that loves preparing meals and cooking at home, you can help your clients by teaching them how to cook using MBODY360 as your healthy recipe platform.

Teach from the MBODY360 Plans Library

MBODY360 takes all the guesswork out of what to eat with its robust and diverse nutrition plans library. From the Paleo diet to the Mediterranean diet, from Keto to Vegetarian, you have several options that you can easily assign to clients with just a few clicks.

Each nutrition plan within the MBODY360 library has dozens of recipes put together by our resident dietician and nutritionist. You can be sure that your client’s plan is healthfully balanced and follows the guidelines of each specific nutrition protocol.

What’s more, the ingredients in each recipe are easy to find at most local grocery stores. Your clients can enjoy a wide variety of flavors from our cross-cultural meals but without having to hunt for exotic ingredients in specialty stores.

Once you assign a plan, your client can review the guidelines — and what’s in and what’s out food lists — and use the shopping lists and meal plan to prepare for a week’s worth of meals.

Upload Cooking Videos to Each Plan

If you like to record videos – you can record yourself doing cooking demonstrations and lessons for your favorite recipes, and easily upload links to your video content to each plan from your practitioner portal. Whenever you assign a plan that you customized with video content, each new client on that plan will see those videos in their MBODY360 app.

If you don’t make your own videos, no worries. If you have other people’s cooking videos saved on YouTube or Vimeo that you share with clients, you can upload links to them within MBODY360.

Upload Handouts and Documents

Maybe you have your own special recipes that you’ve created in your kitchen. Or perhaps you have handouts on how to shop better, how to eat mindfully, or other tips and tricks that you give to your clients.

Save them as PDFs and upload them to your plans, as well as any other documents or handouts you want your clients to have. You can upload PDFs of each piece of content to a specific plan. That way, each client you assign to the plan will have access to all of your related documents and content.

Be Part of The Wellness Cooking Revolution

Over the past two years, more people are waking up to the benefits of cooking simple, nourishing meals at home. There’s more interest than ever in learning the art of cooking. Health Coaches that teach cooking can help clients, their families, and their communities, take back their health from their kitchens.