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Recommending Supplements for Recurring Income in MBODY360

April 18, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

Wellness coaching is so rewarding when you see your clients improve their health and build their confidence. You want your clients to reach their goals. You want to see them have more energy, get fit, reduce annoying symptoms, and lose weight.

Offering nutrition plans, workouts, personalized coaching, cooking lessons, meditation instructions and other specialties all contribute to their ability to stay engaged and get better results.

One powerful way to help clients get to their goals faster is to recommend supplements and cleanse or detox kits as part of your overall lifestyle recommendations. The MBODY360 Wellness Store makes it an easy win-win for your clients and your business.

Micronutrients Provide a Wellness Jumpstart

A big challenge that we all face these days is whether or not we are getting enough of the right micronutrients from our diets and the food we eat. Over-dependence on processed meals and ingredients is a big culprit. Even modern mass-produced meat and produce contain fewer micronutrients than they did in past generations.

Processed and packaged foods are widely available, but they don’t provide all of the nutrients people need for good health. Because they are easy and convenient, they also tend to take the place of more nutrient-dense whole foods.

Of course, it is hard to expect everyone to cut out all processed foods. And even with an ideal whole foods-based diet, there will still be some micronutrients that are not being delivered through our modern diets. It can also be challenging to get specific, beneficial nutrients that support specific health and wellness goals.

By offering clients supplements, you are helping them get the micronutrients they need to have more energy and support healthy cellular renewal.

The MBODY360 Wellness Store carries a wide range of professional-grade supplements, herbs, adaptogens and nutritional cleanse kits to support your clients wherever they are in their health journey.

Less Effort for Better Results

Do you have clients that want to shed some pounds but need help getting started?

You can support your weight loss clients by offering them a complete meal plan, together with a cleanse kit and/or nutrition bars from the MBODY360 Wellness Store.

Making healthy habit changes is challenging for most clients. It can be especially overwhelming when clients are trying to change their diets while also taking care of their family and juggling work, school, and other obligations. These balanced functional nutrition products can help clients eat more healthfully while keeping them on track with their wellness goals.

Together with a balanced diet, cleanse kits and functional food bars can make it easier for busy clients to transition to healthier eating while they are taking care of everything else in their lives.

You can incorporate these products into your coaching programs, and assign one of the done-for-you Cleanse or Detox meal plans available in MBODY360. Your clients can order their products, follow your recommendations, and track everything in the MBODY360 app.

The MBODY360 app makes it easy for clients to stay on track, and having them use the app to track their progress saves you time and effort in coaching. Since you can see everything that they track — and when they’re not tracking — within your practitioner portal, you’ll know exactly what is working for your clients and where they need support.

When they get better results in the beginning of their journey, your clients will be more likely to continue working with you and using the MBODY360 app to stay on track with their plan.

Recurring Revenue that Works for Your Practice

The MBODY360 Wellness Store was created to help practitioners have an easier way to offer products without feeling pushy or salesy.

When you assign an MBODY360 nutrition plan to a client, you can include nutrition products right in the app. Your clients can then purchase their products and get them shipped directly to their doorstep.

As they get energized, drop pounds, and feel better overall, many clients will reorder supplements or kits — which can give you a nice second stream of recurring revenue for your practice.

Your clients may also return to the MBODY360 Wellness Store to shop and buy other things, or re-order additional products.

You could also get additional sales with the “Friends and Family” effect; when your clients tell their friends and family about the great products they’re using and results they are getting, their friends and family will start shopping through your MBODY360 Wellness Store, too.

Exclusive Access to Top Quality Products

With the high-quality supplements that have been hand-selected for the MBODY360 Wellness Store, your clients will have access to clinical-grade nutritional support for better results.

Now with the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you can confidently recommend clinical-grade functional foods and supplements to your clients, knowing that the products are of the highest quality and purity. That’s because our premier partner, Designs for Health, is a leader in formulations that provide therapeutic doses of key nutrients.

Simplify Your Offerings with MBODY360

As an MBODY360 coach, you have exclusive access to offer products through our store to your clients. When you become an affiliate of the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you will earn generous commissions from every product that your clients purchase.

MBODY360 gives you everything you need to support your clients and build a thriving practice. The app helps clients stay compliant with their plan. The practitioner portal lets you communicate seamlessly with your clients. And now, you can easily offer high-quality supplements for recurring income and better client results.