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Subscription Models For Your Health Coaching Practice

April 29, 2022 - Christy Goldfeder

When you hear the word “subscription,” you might think about a magazine or newspaper subscription. But there are dozens of different types of businesses that use a subscription model.

Netflix gives you unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows for a monthly fee. Blue Apron delivers weekly meal kits that you can quickly cook in your own kitchen. Rent the Runway provides brand-new designer outfits to your doorstep. Amazon Prime lets you stream movies, TV, and music while giving you free shipping on all orders for its subscription.

As a health coach, you can also offer a recurring service or product using a subscription model.

How Subscription Models Support Your Clients

You know that your clients will get better results with consistent coaching. After all, creating new healthy habits doesn’t usually happen overnight. So when you are putting together your programs, you can help clients get better results when you provide your services for a set number of months for a recurring fee.

The best clients will see the value in working with you for several months. As they make changes to their diet, activity levels, and lifestyle, they will see incremental results that get them ever closer to their goals.

How Subscription Models Support Your Business

When you have set subscriptions for your one-on-one coaching sessions and group programs, you will have more predictability in your cash flow and your revenues.

Knowing how much work you have to put into coaching individual clients and in your group programs, you can set your prices and know what you will be making each month.

For example, say your group membership program goes for $300 per month. If you have 20 clients in your group each month, you know that you will be earning $6000 per month for your group sessions.

If you have 5 private clients that pay you $1000 per month, you know you’ll have $5000 coming in each month from your individual clients.

As long as you can retain clients in your group and as private clients, you can comfortably know that you’ll get paid well for your services while working fewer hours than if you just offered one-off sessions.

3 Simple Subscriptions You Can Implement Now

MBODY360 can help support all of your subscription-based services, no matter if you choose to work with individuals, groups, or something in between.

Group Membership Program

You can use MBODY360 to instantly set up a group nutrition plan, with or without supplements.

Pick the nutrition plan that works with your practice — there are dozens of plans, from Vegetarian to Paleo and Keto to Low Sugar and Thyroid Support.

If you like, you can recommend any of the many high-quality supplements to accompany your nutrition plan. Your clients can then purchase the recommended supplements from their app, and the supplements are shipped right to their doorstep. If you are an affiliate of the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you will earn 25% commission for every purchase made through your affiliate links.

Set up a group on the Groups tab of your MBODY360 practitioner portal. When you add new clients to your group, they will get the same nutrition plan and supplement protocol.

Individual Coaching Program

When you offer your private client program, you can put together a 6-month or 12-month package that includes different plans for different phases.

For example, you could start clients on an evaluation plan — just tracking what they eat in the healthy eating plan.

Once you evaluate where they are in their wellness journey, you can assign a specific nutrition plan to address their most pressing needs. You can keep them on their therapeutic plan for as long as they need to be on it.

When they reach their desired goals, you can switch clients to a maintenance plan and coach them on sustaining their new healthy habits.

And you can also assign supplements, detox kits, and herbs to support their wellness journey.

DIY Wellness Program

If you have clients who are motivated to do the work on their own without regular coaching, you can offer a “do-it-yourself” option. You charge them a small, monthly fee for access to your MBODY360 app and assign nutrition plans to them as long as they are subscribed.

You can also add a supplement template to each plan that you offer to subscribers. If you are an affiliate of the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you will earn commissions on every product you sell through your unique links.

Better Results and Steadier Income

When you implement a subscription model into your health coaching business, it’s a win-win for your clients and your business.

Your clients win because they get the consistent support they need to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable over time. So they end up getting better results.

Your business benefits from steadier, predictable income each month. So you can build a sustainable business that will support you.