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Structure Your Wellness Programs to Fit Your Style

May 10, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

You got into wellness coaching because you’re passionate about helping others reach their goals. You want to make a healthy impact on people, communities and the planet.

As you structure your wellness programs, you also need to consider how to support your clients while building a practice that works for you.

You are the one who controls when and how you work. That’s why it is so important to create your coaching practice in a way that you know will work for your lifestyle —- and also move the needle for your health coaching clients.

What does your signature program look like? You will need to consider the duration, frequency, and coaching style as you build it.

One or Many?

You can choose to offer a high-touch service by providing one-on-one coaching to individual clients. You could also expand your reach by providing group coaching to many clients at once.

Or you could build your practice to offer both group coaching programs and one-on-one coaching for individuals.

To make your business sustainable, you will need to consider how much time you have to support clients without burning yourself out.

Consider Program Length for Client Accountability

How long will you have a client in your practice?

When clients are changing their lifestyle and habits, it takes a while. They may be breaking through habits that they started years ago. Adopting them at first will feel difficult, but they get easier when repeated over time.

That is the key — giving clients enough TIME in a program to help new lifestyle habits stick.

When you get clients to commit both financially and in terms of time to achieve results, they will have more “skin in the game” — which will naturally lead to better results.

Having your clients stick with you for a longer-term program will also reduce the number of times you need to “resell” a client on your services. Your revenue will be more predictable and consistent.

It is also easier to keep clients longer than to constantly find new clients — so you will save time while you expand the lifetime value of each customer.

Perhaps you know that your clients get the best results with a minimum of 3 months of working with you. The first 30 days are more intense because your clients need more support to start making changes in their lifestyle.

You could break your 3-month program down into parts that work in succession:

Month 1: detox intensive — You can assign your clients a 28-Day Intermittent Fasting + Cardiometabolic Plan or Low Sugar Challenge plan, and recommend a detox kit and / or nutrition bars from the MBODY360 Wellness store.

Month 2: evaluate and focus — at this stage you can re-evaluate your patient’s progress and assign them a new plan to focus on their particular issues or goals. For instance, you may offer a new nutrition and lifestyle plan for goals such as weight loss, fitness or performance; or other concerns or issues, with plans like the Low Glycemic Challenge, Low-FODMAP and Healthy Heart Challenge, among many more. To maximize the impact and value of your offering, or create your own complete supplement recommendation protocol, or provide your own personalized recommendation.

Month 3: maintenance — If your client is ready to maintain their results, you can assign them the more general healthy-eating plan, such as a Mediterranean or Paleo diet, Healthy Eating Guide or other nutrition and lifestyle program. You can also recommend a new or additional supplement protocol to support this stage of the patient’s program.

This three-month progression of smaller “modules” is just an example of what you can put together for your clients.

You can probably see how rolling out various programs could easily turn into a 6- or 12- month engagement when you break down the steps to getting healthier.

Once you decide how long your program will be, you can decide what style of coaching you want to offer.

Decide How You Will Coach Your Clients

As you design your program, you can decide how much coaching time and what level of access you want to give to your clients.

If you offer individual coaching, think about how often they will need coaching from you to stay accountable and stick with their goals:

Some clients will be fine with fewer meetings each month. Other clients will need more hand holding to stay accountable to their goals.

Time is your most valuable asset.

So it is critical to your well-being and your bottom line that you calculate and stick to your plan for how much time you are allotting for clients, based on what your clients are paying.

For example, how many minutes will you spend on:

Remember, you cannot get your time back once it is spent. The more time you spend with individual clients, the higher the cost should be for your program.

You could also offer group coaching to support more clients in fewer hours.

There are many ways to economize your time and scale your practice with a group. You can pre-record videos that guide your group through your program, and upload them in the nutrition plan that you assign to your group. Then you can set up group coaching calls weekly or every other week for Q&A sessions. You can also set up a group within MBODY360 and text chat your group.

After ironing out the details of your program, you can choose what to charge.

Create Your Pricing Model

When you are pricing your packages, you need to consider how many hours you are putting into each type of program. Remember the goal is to have a greater impact and have a life that includes a successful business, without killing yourself in the process.

Individual coaching clients take up more hours of your time. Remember — one hour of client coaching may include prep work that you do before your session and any follow up communications that you offer afterward. So it could be that you’re actually spending 3 hours of your own time on the “hourly” session.

Do certain one-on-one clients need more attention? You could offer texting office hours — set times during your week — when they can contact you for additional support at an extra cost.

Group coaching programs should be priced lower than your one-on-one programs, and should require less time per client – but don’t undervalue what you’re offering. As the coach, you are helping your clients change their habits and build healthier lives, and you are creating and leading a community of clients who support each other. That is valuable.

When you’re pricing, you can offer two or more tiers — pay-in-full or payment plans. To incentivize clients to pay for a full program up front, you can offer a small discount off the payment plan prices, or even a special discount on their supplements through MBODY360, which you can set when you set up the plan for your group.

Launch Your Next Program Next Week

With the MBODY360 app, you can instantly create your next program and start inviting potential clients — whether it’s for individual or group services and programs. All of our done-for-you nutrition and lifestyle plans are nutritionally balanced and created by nutritionists — and they work. MBODY360 also gives you the communication and client accountability tools you need to build a thriving practice from anywhere.

When you allow the technology within MBODY360 to work for you, it can be easy to build a sustainable coaching practice that supports you AND your clients.