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Streamline Client Communications with MBODY360

July 17, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

How do you prefer to have clients reach out to you for support?

If you give your clients too many options — from email to text to messaging apps to social media — it can sometimes be overwhelming to keep up with all the messages.

If you try to maintain too many channels of communication, you could end up spending all day responding to messages instead of doing the critical work that moves your practice forward.

Instead, you can keep all of your client communications in one place — the MBODY360 app. Here are all the ways you can use this platform to save time and reduce headaches while keeping in touch with your clients.

Conduct Client Check-Ins through Text Chat

Your practitioner portal can give you instant insight into how well your clients are doing in their program in their MBODY360 app. You will be able to see at a glance if they are staying compliant with the plan you assigned or whether they are falling off track. Then you can use the Text Chat feature to check in with your clients as needed.

If they need support, you can send them a quick text chat, and they will receive it instantly in their app, and they can respond to you. You can also offer words of encouragement if you see they are doing well in their program. Text chat is an easy way to really personalize your coaching without taking up much time at all.

The text chat is great for regular one-on-one check-ins with coaching clients. You can decide how often you will check in during their program and let them know when to expect to hear from you.

Host Client Virtual Sessions with Video Chat

You don’t need to set up calls through video chat services that may not be as secure as they should be. Or pay extra for them either.

Instead, you can conduct a video chat call with your client through MBODY360. You can set up regular coaching sessions with your clients by using this feature in our HIPAA-compliant platform.

The way it works — you and your client decide on your meeting time. At the designated time, you message your client to ask them if they are ready to chat. When they respond, you can send them a link to connect via video.

Video chat is perfect for working with one-on-one coaching clients. As with the text chat, you can choose how many video chat sessions your client can have based on what you include in your individual program. Your clients have the option of connecting via the MBODY360 app or their PC or tablet.

Connect Through Group Chat

If you have group programs, you can easily communicate with participants through group chat in MBODY360.

Set up a group in MBODY360 — name your group, pick a nutrition plan, and set start and end dates. Add members to your group. Once it is set up, you can message the entire group through the group chat function.

Keeping your group messages in MBODY360 can save you hours of time. There’s no need to hunt for messages in multiple places. Plus, you can see the progress of the whole group in the same place that you’re checking on their messages.

Messaging everyone at once in one place helps the entire group. You can answer one participant’s question — and your answer will inevitably help other participants who have the same question.

You can set up your group chat as weekly “office hour” sessions. This can enable you to provide group participants with a convenient, low-effort group coaching option.

Keep Client Communications Secure and Compliant

You could set up your private coaching groups on social platforms or apps, but how secure are they?

Many platforms aren’t HIPAA compliant. Several platforms have been hacked and had to disclose data breaches in recent years.

When you stay in touch with your clients through MBODY360, you can assure clients that your messages are secure. The practitioner portal and app are HIPAA compliant and continually updated to meet standards.

Clients may feel more comfortable opening up about their health challenges when they know what they share with you will remain secure. And as they do, you may be able to go deeper with them as a coach so that they get even better results.