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How to Support Clients During Seasonal Change

August 30, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

As the summer winds down and the days slowly get shorter, clients may be starting to plan for a return to offices and getting back to their regular routines. The kids may be going back to school and adults back to their offices.

But unlike most years, “back-to-routine” may look quite different and be accompanied by additional stress and a more urgent need for support in getting back to healthy habits that support resiliency. This year, all those who are going into “back-to-routine” mode will also likely want support in getting back into and keeping healthier habits as the seasons change.

As a health coach, you can use MBODY360 to help launch new programs and to support your clients during the changing seasons. Here are two great ways to support clients and build your business this Fall.

Launch a Stress Management Program

For clients who are transitioning back to the office from remote work, it may feel strange being back in the office among coworkers again.

Some may be happy to see colleagues and have a break away from their 24-7 homebound schedule. Others may be worried or stressed about commuting, being among people not in their immediate family, or traveling in crowds. Bottom line – people need stress relief and management more than ever.

You can use MBODY360 to offer a stress-management group program to support the transition.

Assign a nutrition plan that will help your group acquire or maintain healthier eating habits — there are many to choose from in the MBODY360 library. When you pick the nutrition plan, include the meditation timer and sleep tracking, along with any other body metrics you want them to track.

You can customize the plan to include notes on tracking stress levels and recommend using the meditation timer to hone their meditation practice. If you offer guided meditations, you can also record a video of one of your sessions and upload it to the plan as an added value for your group.

For clients who have not meditated before, you can have them start with a small goal — maybe 5 or 10 minutes of meditation per day. And for clients who are more experienced, you can challenge them to set bigger goals — maybe 30 minutes or longer.

To help clients tame their “monkey mind” you can also have them journal their thoughts in the Notes section of the app. Even if they write down just a sentence or two, it may help them see what they are thinking more clearly and examine if it is true — or if it just feels true at that moment.

Support Seasonal Health With a Cleanse Program

Some clients may have fallen off track from healthy habits during the summer season. You can offer a straightforward Fall cleanse program to help them detoxify and fortify their system in preparation for cold and flu season.

For example, you can assign a Low-Sugar or Low-Sugar Vegetarian plan to your cleanse group to help them break free from sugar. If you have PDF handouts on tips for lowering sugar intake, you can upload them to the plan as a bonus. You can also record yourself giving a talk about sugar and upload a video link to the plan to help support your group’s journey. Once uploaded to the plan, PDF documents and videos are easily accessible to your clients anytime in the MBODY360 mobile app.

If you want to add more value — and add recurring revenue — you can recommend nutritional shakes and bars from the MBODY360 Wellness Store to go along with your recommended plan. Your clients can purchase them through your affiliate link, and you will earn a generous commission on each sale.

You can organize your challenge as a self-guided program, or as a live group program coached by you. Either way, you can serve more clients in less time by having your program materials and client monitoring all in one place in MBODY360.

Making Transition Easier for Clients

Offering Fall coaching programs that focus on healthy transition can help clients feel more grounded and centered amid a season of change. And they are also a great way for you to grow your business while creating a ripple effect of health among your clients and your greater community.