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The Rise of the Micropratice – The Evolution of Medicine & James Maskell’s Clear Vision

October 16, 2016 - Kari Thorstensen

What’s a micropractice, and why does it make so much sense for integrative practioners?

The success of micropractices – which can be as small as one physician with one administrative assistant – is inspiring physicians and other medical practioners to work independently, freed up from the burdens often associated with traditional practices. Micropractices work only when technology is leveraged to help operate the business efficiently, while also delivering extremely high quality care using digital platforms and applications.

Micropractice leaders streamline their practice as much as possible by reducing costs, using software, while improving outcomes, especially for patients.

On of the industry’s visionaries in this area is James Maskell, whose new book, The Evolution of Medicine, is built in large part around new models for the business of providing care in more personalized and still efficient ways.

How is it possible that micropractice doctors have any time to see patients if they only have one staff member helping with administrative tasks? Healthcare technology is the answer.

By automating some of the more tedious steps in the patient encounter, healthcare software platforms and applications, including Electronic Health Records (EHRs)  allow physicians to treat patients more quickly without sacrificing the quality of care. No more paperwork! Within seconds, records can be updated. Scrips can be processed. Vitals can be pulled up. The patient’s history can be tracked.

Practice management software dramatically reduces the friction of traditional administrative processes, including the ability to file claims with insurance providers on behalf of the patient.

In a recent podcast, Maskell said, “…what we’re focused on in the Evolution of Medicine is the non-clinical aspects of how to run a successful, what we call, ‘micropractice’. The reason why we’d say ‘micropractice’ is it’s low overhead. And one of the things that I hear from doctors is they feel like there’s no way they can quit their job because they have a life and a family and everything, quit their job at x hundred thousand dollars per year that they get in the hospital system and then just switch over and have this micropractice, waiting for people to come in.

But with the micropractice, that’s often the transition from most practitioners. You just don’t see that. You see the big functional medicine practice and you say, “Wow! I couldn’t have this. Look at the overhead, look at how many people are working here.” But what you didn’t see is five years ago, they just have one office in another office in another practice’s office and they’re just doing their thing there and they built up patients and then a team. It was just this build that came to that. I’ve been ordering Cialis at for several months in a row and I am very satisfied with both the quality of the drug and the quality of the provided services. I have a serious relationship with a beautiful and very passionate woman, so you must understand that even a small delay in delivery can cost me a lot. Many thanks! Keep on keeping on!

So what we want to do is really make it easy to build that micropractice because one, this medicine is not technologically advanced. It’s really a lot of just me and you talking. And so you don’t need a lot of structure for that. I mean, even telemedicine is stepping up where you can see a doctor on your phone. I think that’s really exciting too because, again, think of all the structure.”

Involving patients is another innovation in the micropractice, most notably with secure portals empowering patients to access health records, view labs, message the physician and his or her assistant, schedule appointments and follow up on supplements and prescriptions. Patients love the convenience and control.

MBODY360 announced today its platform and application connecting integrative health practitioners with their clients and patients has been featured in “The Evolution of Medicine.”

MBODY360 is referenced in the book as one of several digital platforms that are completely changing the ways health and wellness coaches can communicate with their clients, setting up nutritional plans that can be easily delivered and tracked conveniently and effectively.
“James Maskell’s vision for the opportunities for physicians to connect to the wisdom of integrative, holistic medicine has long been a source of inspiration for the MBODY360 team,” said Kari Thorsensten, founder and CEO of the company. “In his talks and in this book, James opens the door for physicians to contribute to this evolution and revolution in health and wellness care delivery.”

Maskell’s Evolution of Medicine organization, which he co-founded with Gabe Hoffman, has a goal to “to empower 100,000 Integrative and Functional ‘micropractices’ that treat the root-cause of disease and become centers of health creation in their respective communities.” initial goal.