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Remember Your Coaching Dream

June 10, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

Do you remember where you started as a coach?

What was the pivotal moment where your journey began?

Maybe it was a surprising diagnosis of a condition that required prescription medication to manage. Or a mystery illness of your own that had no detectable cause. Perhaps you had a loved one who suffered needlessly due to a chronic illness.

Like many people, maybe you tried traditional doctors and specialists and struggled like many to find anyone to help. Even when you followed their instructions, nothing actually solved all the issues.

Sometimes through desperation, and always with lots of determination, you kept going. You didn’t give up. You kept searching for answers. There had to be another way that would help reduce or eliminate the symptoms, and address the root cause.

When you looked for other solutions, you discovered what you intuitively knew all along.

Food is Medicine

As a coach, you don’t discount medical science and advice. But you know that there is so much more that can be done to support health and reduce the risks of many of the most common chronic illnesses, and science agrees that one of the foundations of good health is good nutrition.

You learned, and then slowly put it into practice, and now you teach others how to do it too: swap out the processed foods for fresh, whole ingredients. Drink more water and less caffeine. Experiment with different breakfasts.

Energy surges. Moods become more even and calm. Aches and pains seem to fade away.

As a coach, you have the power to catalyze transformation for others on a similar journey of learning how to be and stay well. Your clients need your expertise and care. You just need to meet your clients where they are on that journey right now, a place you know and are familiar with.

Your Clients Struggle Where You Once Struggled

It can be challenging to remember where you were before your journey began.

You take it for granted what you know now. You know that fresh food, clean water, movement and mindfulness make a healthier, happier life.

The clients who need your help are just waking up to these truths. They are waiting for you to show up to guide them. How do you reach them so they can have their own health awakening?

Speak the Truth of Your Transformation

Telling your story is one of the most powerful ways to attract ideal clients into your practice.

Share from the heart and teach the lessons you learned from your transformation. Your prospective clients will see themselves within your story. The ones that resonate with you will join your community and sign up for your programs.

Show Them the Map for The Journey

Your prospective clients may not realize that health is a journey, not a destination. The new health habits clients want to build take time.

But you know the journey from walking the path yourself. Offer practical tips along with your inspirational transformation. As you tell your story, you can describe obstacles and lessons on the path to health and reveal the map.

When you offer your seasonal challenges, self-study programs, or multi-month coaching packages, your clients will know what to expect – and know that you can lead them through.

Your Expertise is Needed

Millions of people have awakened to the importance of wellness and preventative care. Billions of people around the world have gone through more than a year of trauma to their health and wellbeing. For many, they heard the wake-up call.

This newfound awareness and focus on being more proactive about health and staying healthy and well, will not go away anytime soon.

As a result, there will only be more need for health coaches. More individuals will seek out professional help and guidance. Healthcare practices will add more coaches to their staff. Corporate wellness programs will want more coaches to support employee health and wellbeing. Even insurance companies have begun to reimburse for some coaching services and telehealth.

Now is the time to remember where you started and how you got here, and take the next step in your journey.

Now is the time to revisit your dream of being a coach, a guide, and a leader for others to follow to better health.

Now is your time to tap into your passion and inspiration, reimagine your practice, and expand your vision of helping others be and stay well.