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Offering Virtual Fitness and Wellness Classes to Clients

January 15, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

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The fitness industry is forever changed after the pandemic. Rolling lockdowns have impacted gyms very hard, closing doors for months at a time.

People have taken their workouts from the gym to the streets — swapping weight rooms for bodyweight workouts in parks and cardio classes for neighborhood jogs.

Even as gyms reopen, many people may keep their at-home fitness routine going. In “The Future of Fitness” survey, 87% of respondents said that they would continue working out at home. And sales of home workout equipment is expected to grow from $6.76 billion in 2019 to $9.49 billion in 2020 according to the global home fitness market report.

This is great news for fitness and health coaches who want to build a virtual practice — 2021 is the year to do it. WIth MBODY360, it’s easy to start offering your own remotely guided fitness and wellness programs and classes to support your clients and help them reach their health goals.

Record your live online classes

If you’re already offering HIIT, circuit training, meditation, breathwork, or other classes via webinar, you can repurpose your work by recording each class.

Most webinar software will allow you to easily record by clicking a button or changing a setting before you go live. Once your class is over, you will be able to save each class that you teach and make them available to your members and clients.

Upload your videos to a hosting platform

Video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo allow you to create your own public channel, where you can post free content that can help attract new clients to your business. You can also use them to post private videos so that only your paying clients can access your in-depth, paid classes and teachings.

You could upload your video files to your own website, but your videos will use up a lot of server resources — which can slow the performance of your site and cost you more in hosting fees. Instead, you can use a video hosting platform and embed links into your site without affecting its performance.

Add videos to plans in MBODY360

Once you have your videos uploaded to a video platform, you can easily link to them in the MBODY360 app. Of course, the effect of Viagra can vary from case to case. For example, some men report that a robust erection is achieved within 15 to 20 minutes of taking Viagra, and that its effectiveness reaches the peak earlier than the manufacturer claims. In others, the desired effect sets in later and shows itself more weakly.

Each plan gives you the option to upload video links. Your clients can then access the videos within the plan that you assign to them.

Click the video item under the plan details section:

You will then have the option to add video links from YouTube or Vimeo. When you choose either platform, you will get a pop-up window that will allow you to add a direct link to the video.

You can also indicate which day you want the video to be available in your client’s nutrition plan —- for example, you can choose day 0 to make it available immediately.

Create video “drip content” to educate and promote

When you’re onboarding new clients, you can offer them video “drip content” that will help them get oriented to your program.

What could you include as intro content?

Give potential clients a “free sample”

Want to let prospective clients try your offerings before they enroll in one of your programs?

Give them a “free sample” by offering them access to the 7-day food diary. You can upload a few sample workouts to the video section of the diary and encourage them to track their food and try out your classes.

Record once, use again and again

Virtual classes can help you grow your practice without adding more hours to your schedule.

With virtual offerings, you can support more clients wherever they are. Your clients can tune in from across town or across the country.

They can also give your practice more flexibility. You teach your live classes when it’s convenient for you. Your clients can tune in live or catch the recordings and work out whenever it’s most convenient for them.

And they can build a recurring revenue stream that continue to support you over time. When you record your classes, you have an asset that you can sell multiple times. You do the work once, but receive recurring income as you continue to sell your recordings.