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Motivate Client Success Through Non-Scale Victories

February 5, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

When you are supporting clients on a weight loss journey, it is easy to see the results and for clients to track their success. The number on the scale is the tell-tale sign of progress. 

But how do you keep weight-loss clients motivated if the number doesn’t move? 

And for clients with health goals other than weight loss, how can you measure their progress beyond what the numbers say after lab testing? 

That’s where non-scale victories are helpful. 

What is a non-scale victory?

As clients change their health habits to lose weight or support other health goals, they will notice other positive changes.

For example, clients may notice that they are sleeping better and waking up refreshed. 

Or they have fewer mood swings. They feel more calm and relaxed. 

They can walk for a longer amount of time without feeling tired. Their joint pain disappears. 

All of these improvements are signs that the habit changes they are making are supporting their overall health and wellness. 

4 ways to help clients track and succeed with non-scale victories 

Celebrating each non-scale victory can help clients stay on track with their plans. When they can see the progress they’re making, clients are more likely to keep going with their new healthy habits

Here are four easy ways you can have clients use the MBODY360 app to track and recognize their non-scale victories: 

Use the conditions feature to track mood and symptoms 

Do your clients have multiple symptoms that could be reduced or eliminated through your plan? 

Maybe they complain of physical issues like frequent headaches, digestive issues, itchy skin, or aches and pains. 

Or maybe they have emotional or cognitive issues like mood swings, foggy thinking, or distracted attention. 

You can have them track multiple symptoms each day in the Conditions feature in the app. 

Use the meditation timer for mindfulness practice 

Do you have clients that have high-stress levels or worry? 

You can encourage them to reduce their stress by starting a meditation practice through their plan. 

The app allows clients to set a daily meditation goal and keep track of their meditation practice through a timer. 

You can have clients start with a goal of 5 minutes per day. Once they click the meditation timer, the app will track how long they sit, and it alerts them when time is up with a gentle chime. 

And if you like, you can add your favorite guided meditation video by uploading it to the plan for your patients. 

Track exercise wins in the movement section

non scale victory
When your clients start on your plan, they all have a baseline of physical fitness. 

For sedentary clients, it can be that walking a mile feels challenging, and they might deal with tight muscles or joint pain. More active clients might have some fitness routines, but they know they could be stronger, faster or more flexible. As the experts of our company state, miorelaxants are almost harmless. However, they shouldn’t be taken for more than 14 days. The thing is, they lead to sleepiness and vertigo, and after the pain relief,the treatment should be stopped. Most often, Soma 350 mg is appointed by the physicians.

The movement feature allows clients to set fitness goals that can sync with their wearable devices like the Apple Health app or Fitbit. 

As clients progress in their plans, they may find that they can run farther, go faster, or do more than they could at the beginning. 

Journal in notes to recognize various intangible results 

After going through your plan for a week or two, what else do your clients notice? 

You can have them write about their progress in the notes feature of the app. Here are some questions that can help prompt their journal entries: 

Track compliance and success in your portal 

The MBODY360 portal gives you the full picture of how your clients are succeeding in their goals. You can easily see how well they are doing by our green-yellow-red “stoplight” system that shows if they are regularly tracking their progress. 

You can also communicate directly via HIPAA-compliant text. These direct messages can give your clients just-in-time coaching to help them keep going on the right track. 

You can customize app notifications to prompt them to track all of their victories, no matter how big or small. 

Regular words of encouragement and support (even when automated) can help clients succeed in reaching all of their health goals.