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Niching Your Practice

March 1, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

Finding the right health niche for your business is the key to attracting better clients.

Your specialization helps you stand out from the crowd. With a health niche that serves a specific group of people or a specific condition, you become the expert in your field.

The right health niche also simplifies your marketing. When you know what you offer and who you serve, you know what you need to do and say to reach the people looking for you.

Clients seeking your specialty will pick you over a generalist. People want targeted solutions to solve their problems.

Struggling to find a niche for your practice?

There are three common reasons why all kinds of businesses — not only health and wellness professionals — hesitate to specialize:

Reason #1: Repelling potential clients

Some coaches think that narrowing their health niche will exclude too many potential clients.

In reality, you don’t want “everyone” to be a potential client. You want ideal clients who are seeking your specific offering. You want clients committed to reaching their goals. And you need clients who are willing to pay for your help.

Reason #2: Shiny object syndrome

Perhaps you have many interests. You feel like picking one will cut you off from everything else you love. You see potential in various specialties, so you keep switching your focus.

Don’t be a “Jack or Jackie of all modalities, master of none.”

Niching helps focus your practice in one area so you get traction. You can attract more clients who stick with you over the long term for your specialty.

Reason #3: Pigeonholing your practice

What if you pick a specialty and get stuck working in it forever? Your practice becomes so well known for your niche that you can never offer any other service.
In reality, you can expand and change your focus to whatever you want.

Your niche practice will grow as your clients reach their goals. As you help more people, clients will recommend your services to their family, friends, and colleagues.

These new referred clients may come to you for your specialty … or they may want your services to reach other health goals based on your reputation. These clients will lead you to new offerings and services you can provide within your niche.

Finding Your Practice Niche

To find the best health niche for your practice, it will take some reflection.

How did you get here?

Do you have your own healing journey that brought you to coaching? What was it that made you choose this line of work?

Maybe you overcame a chronic health condition on your own.

Perhaps you transformed from couch potato to competitive bodybuilder.

Maybe you saw a family member overcome their own health issues —- or succumb to them.

Give yourself time and space to think about these things. It helps to write your thoughts on paper. Write down your whole story and what inspired you to take this path.

What else do you know and love?

Do you have passions outside of coaching? Are you an expert in another field? Your passions or other expertise might combine well with your coaching practice.

If coaching is your side hustle or a second career, what kind of work did you do before? Could you become a specialist for that industry and current or former colleagues? Many coaches have built successful businesses by being experts for particular groups and communities, or specific types of clients.

Which people are your ideal clients?

Once you figure out the intersection of what you know and what you love, you can create specific niche offerings to specific groups.

For example, if you offer health coaching and have completed marathons, you might offer nutrition for high-performance athletes.

Or if you worked in corporate before becoming a coach, you could offer nutrition and mindfulness group classes to busy professionals.

How MBODY360 supports your niche

No matter your health and wellness niche, you can offer MBODY360 to support your clients. It’s the complete coaching platform to help you deliver your unique guidance and expertise to your ideal client niche.

Dozens of niche-specific nutrition plans

Whatever niche you choose, MBODY360 contains the done-for-you nutrition plans to make your program easy to deliver.

MBODY360’s done-for-you library offers dozens of complete nutrition plans you can assign immediately. There are plans to support heart disease, autoimmune disease, IBS, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroid, and other chronic conditions. There are also plans to support clients who are healthy and want to fine-tune their lifestyle.

Niche your tracking

You can “niche” the tracking settings in the MBODY360 app, by customizing the metrics that are relevant to your expertise and program.

Your clients can track those metrics in their app. You will see the exact metrics you want to see in your practitioner portal. And you will gain better insight into how each client is doing in your program.

Brand your niche with custom content

You can also enhance your practice’s niche by customizing your nutrition plans with your own content.

In each nutrition plan, you can add your own YouTube and Vimeo videos and custom documents.

Do you offer workout videos, guided meditations, cooking demonstrations, shopping tours? Add them to the video section under the plan details.

Do you offer workout tracking sheets, journaling pages, or other custom documents? You can upload PDFs to the app so your clients can have them right in their app.

Your unique spin on each plan will give your clients the guidance they want at their fingertips, and you’ll stand out as a specialist.

Offer supplements and earn more

The MBODY360 Wellness store gives you an opportunity to scale your practice in a big way.

Supplements add a revenue stream that can help you move from hourly coaching work to generating incremental, recurring revenue.

They can also help your clients get better results — which leads to becoming better known in your niche and attracting additional, new clients.

The MBODY360 Wellness Store offers dozens of high-quality supplements that support specific conditions as well as overall well-being. Leveraging the new store can be an easy way to differentiate your practice and add recurring revenue to your business without adding extra hours.

When you sign up as an affiliate of the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you can earn 25% commission on every sale. You can offer supplements to your clients, with or without a nutritional plan, through the MBODY360 app.

You can also provide your affiliate link to clients who want to shop at the MBODY360 Wellness Store for high-quality supplements to support their health goals.

Grow your business intentionally

Picking the right niche can help you take your coaching practice to new levels of success.

When you focus on serving specific clients or patient groups, you become the obvious choice for your prospective clients. You can feel good about helping more people that are looking for what you offer.

As you become more well known, and your practice grows, you become the change you want to see in the world.