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Medi360 Connect and MBODY360 Join Forces to Enhance Wellness for Coaches and Clients

December 4, 2018 – New York, NY; Pittsburgh, PA — two innovators in the digital health and wellness industry today announced they are partnering to combine Medi360 Connect’s wellness marketplace together with MBODY360’s coaching and engagement platform, making the patient’s journey easier and the practitioner’s services richer and more effective.

The companies have already been working together, providing clients of wellness centers with MBODY360’s popular mobile application and desktop platform for lifestyle plan delivery and coaching clients to successfully lose weight and regain their health.

Medi360 Connect is the premier marketplace connecting consumers with virtual nutrition, wellness and fitness experts throughout the country. This innovative shopping site helps people find the ideal doctor, coach or even a yoga instructor, via a web-based open marketplace where practices can post their services, and clients can easily find services, read reviews, book appointments, find pricing for service sand enjoy special deals.

The service is organized into medical doctors, certified coaches, and peer-to-peer coaches, and includes 30 lifestyle plans (health, fitness, dietary). The platform includes the ability to search, discover, connect, select and pay for products and services, and enables the sellers to help consumers manage their programs through messaging and telehealth collaboration. Online scheduling is also included in the platform, making it easy to set up consultations in seconds and join a meeting using any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Searches are filtered based on goals, for example weight loss, sports performance, anti-aging and gut health with a total of thirty lifestyle categories included in the initial launch of the platform.

“We immediately attracted over fifty members selling products and services in the first few weeks alone, and growing our user adoption rates every day,” Brian Dubyak, Founder of Medi360 Connect said. “The coaches who are signing up are leaders in advancing in the digital health and wellness delivery world, so naturally see the value in MBODY360’s solution, which keeps professionals in touch with their clients in a fun, intuitive, friendly way. We’re thrilled with the value that MBODY360 brings to our wellness marketplace– increasing engagement and allowing us to efficiently coach clients, and are excited to move forward with a market development partnership.”

Medi360 Connect is scaling to support hundreds, then thousands of sellers, while attracting consumers by offering the best shopping experience in the wellness industry. The company is working with physicians to help them establish cash-based businesses adjacent to their more formal medical practices, offering holistic wellness services to their patients who are seeking more than just traditional approaches.

“Medi360 Connect is dedicated to making wellness services affordable, transparent and easy so busy consumers can focus on finding the best provider at the right price in the location convenient to them,” said Kari Thorstensen, founder and CEO of MBODY360, which developed the platform and mobile app for Medi360 Connect.

“The website is a powerful marketing channel for medical and wellness businesses, which some have called the Etsy or Expedia for getting and staying well.

Our team is equally as passionate about helping both clients and coaches to interact more simply, more cost efficiently, and more successfully, with better outcomes based on better communications and collaboration. This is a natural partnership for us, bringing together practitioners and clients and helping them achieve successful outcomes.”

MBODY360’s mission is to empower medical, integrative health and wellness practitioners to lead the world to better health by creating a digital bridge between clients and their care teams, and helping practices manage and grow your sustainably and profitably.

In addition to going to market together, both companies are engaged in ongoing platform development, ensuring a continuation of useful features, excellent user experiences, reporting and more.

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