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MBODY360 Launches Branded App for Integrative Health and Wellness Practitioners

New York, NY; March 14, 2016 – MBODY360 today introduced an evolution of its platform offering a mobile integrative health and wellness mobile application. Practitioners, whether wellness coaches, doctors, nurses, nutritionists and other specializes can easily set up a custom branded mobile app and practice portal, and deliver proprietary plans and programs to their clients and patients.

“We’ve worked over the last year with many visionary leaders in the integrative health and wellness industry who understand the value of adding a digital service to their practice,” said founder and CEO of MBODY360, Kari Thorstensen. “This new solution supports up to fifteen professionals within a single practice, and unlimited patients and clients who can simply download the application after their coach sets them up as an end-user, which takes less than a minute.”

Features include:

“It’s been a great experience working with the MBODY360 team to build our custom app,” said Brian Dubyak CEO of Medi360. “We are now offering our clients our own mobile experience, tracking symptoms, nutrition, movement, weight and pain levels in combination with providing them clinically proven dietary plans and recipes. The Medi360 Connect app helps our integrative medical team to connect daily their patients, providing them important information on how each patient is feeling, their daily pain levels, fitness activities, dietary intake and weight. By virtually coaching, our team continually guides our patients to better health.”

About Medi360 Center

Medi360 Center’s integrative and functional medicine approach to healthcare is the new evolution of pain medicine. We merge the latest advancements in integrative pain medicine with a patient-centric experience, termed Integrative Healthcare 2.0. Our medical team works with you each step of the process on understanding your health concerns, prescribing testing, analyzing results, developing a clinical strategy and then personalizing an integrative health solution around you and your goals.

About MBODY360

Imbodi, Inc. is a privately-owned health & wellness technology company. Our mission is to empower integrative health and wellness practitioners to lead the world to better health. Our flagship product, MBODY360, is a subscription-based service (Software as a Service – SaaS) for health & wellness practitioners, nutritionists and coaches that enables them to deliver their own customized health & wellness plan in a mobile app. The MBODY360 platform provides practitioners with real-time tracking and monitoring, plan management for individuals and groups, automated reminders to improve engagement and compliance, and instant communications to improve support between visits.