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MBODY360 and Medical Cannabis Mentor Partner To Bring Sensible and Effective Protocols to Practitioners

World’s first integrative health coaching app meets cutting edge online medical cannabis education to deliver evidence-based and practical guidance to practitioners and patients


November 29, 2018 — New York, New York – MBODY360, the mobile patient engagement and coaching platform for health & wellness practitioners, today announced it is partnering with MedicalCannabisMentor.com to provide a complete platform for recommending, monitoring and tracking MMJ patient products, dosage, and results.

Adding medical cannabis tracking features and treatment protocols enables practitioners and dispensaries to safely and effectively recommend medical cannabis – and makes it easy for patients to track usage and results in a mobile app.

“More and more people are trying cannabis for its health benefits but they need guidance to achieve successful outcomes,” says Kari Thorstensen, Founder and CEO of MBODY360. “Practitioners tell us they are interested in adding cannabis to their treatment toolkit but lack the information they need to do so confidently. Together MBODY360 and Medical Cannabis Mentor can provide the information and training that practitioners and patients need to fill in the gaps.”

MBODY360 is an integrative health platform that connects practitioners and their patients and clients in real-time for better health. With MBODY360 practitioners deliver customized lifestyle programs that combine diet, exercise, mindfulness, supplements and now medical cannabis, to their patients in a mobile tracking app.

“We see cannabis as a powerful part of integrative health and wellness.” said Thorstensen. “Cannabis has shown to be effective in treating many chronic conditions such as pain, inflammation, thyroid issues, IBS and many more. These are the same conditions our practitioners are treating. So cannabis is a natural fit for our practitioners and our platform.”

The courses that make up the Medical Cannabis Mentor platform were developed by Joe Dolce, author of the widely heralded book Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis, and Dr. Junella Chin, DO. Dr. Chin is one of the most experienced doctors to work with medical cannabis and has treated over 10,000 patients. Course materials are based on over 28,000 published scientific studies plus hundreds of hours of interviews with the who’s who of researchers and clinicians working today.

“There’s still a lot of confusion about medical cannabis,” Dr. Chin said. “As recreational use becomes legalized patients will try things on their own but they likely won’t use the best medications in the right quantities, which means they might not find relief they need and give up. That’s why our idea of ‘education before medication’ is so important.”

“We are eager to see the data on specific products and dosing, and how they are affected by key body metrics and nutrition,” adds Medical Cannabis Mentor’s Dolce. “When it comes to developing evidence-based treatment protocols there is a lack of empirical data. MBODY360 is the first platform I’ve seen that solves that problem.”

Learn more about the MBODY360’s medical cannabis platform.


About Medical Cannabis Mentor

Medical Cannabis Mentor provides evidence-based, state of the art online medical cannabis education for three populations: healthcare providers, dispensary agents and patients .https://www.medicalcannabismentor.com/


About MBODY360

MBODY360, now including Medical Cannabis tracking, empowers health and wellness practitioners, nutritionists, physicians and coaches to get better results for their patients and clients and build a more successful practice, leveraging a convenient subscription-based, real time mobile platform. https://mbody360.io/


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