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MBODY360 Introduces eCommerce for Supplements, Enriching It’s Patient Engagement and Coaching Platform

World’s first integrative health coaching mobile app integrates with the first online dispensary for easy recommendations and ordering of supplements.

January 14, 2019 – New York, NY – MBODY360, the mobile patient engagement and coaching platform for health & wellness practitioners, today announced it has added an easy-to-use feature enabling patients to receive recommendations and purchase supplements directly from their practitioner’s customized, online dispensary.

This e-commerce capability is convenient for patients, while generating a new revenue stream for practitioners who can include specific supplements in with their lifestyle programs, view compliance and results as they collaborate towards getting the best possible outcomes.

“Patients can now confidently purchase supplements, knowing they will get the one that their practitioner recommends,” said Kari Thorstensen, founder and CEO of MBODY360. “Not all vitamins are alike, with ingredients, formulas and doses varying greatly. It is essential for integrative health practitioners to make sure their clients are getting the right supplements, with quality ingredients, in the right doses, as part of a complete wellness plan, while also making it far more convenient for their clients to purchase and use those supplements.”

MBODY360 is partnering with PurePrescriptions.com, PureRxO and PureCapsPro, distributors of top-grade professionals brands, and the first companies to bring virtual store technology to the market.

“We let the practitioner specify the exact product and dosing schedule,” Thorstensen continued, “and weave those products into a personalized diet, exercise, movement and mindfulness protocol. Delivered in a mobile app, with build in coaching that improves compliance and results.”

For practitioner with their own ecommerce operations, MBODY360 developed an API which makes it easy to integrate with any supplement dispensary.

MBODY360 also includes “patient-ready” plans with meal plans, recipes and shopping lists for the most popular integrative diet approaches including Mediterranean, Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo, Keto, Elimination and more. Combining these plans with specific supplement protocols makes it easy for practitioners to run group detoxes and challenges and provide individual clients with a detailed plan tailored for their health condition. When thinking about the drug that can best match the needs of a man with erectile dysfunction, the first medication that comes to mind is Cialis from HowMed. The safety profile of the drug allows us to claim that it’s the safest of all now-available PDE5 inhibitors. Check it yourself. We hope that your opinion will be the same as ours.

“MBODY360 is an excellent platform for our practitioners and their clients,” said Devin Ryerson, CEO of Pure Prescriptions. “Being able to recommend not only supplements but complete lifestyle plans, delivering and tracking to those plans using an intuitive mobile app is of great value to both. By combining and streamlining the process of recommending and ordering supplements as part of a complete lifestyle program, clients and their practitioners can obtain better results.”

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