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Our Newest Plan – The Mediterranean Diet

September 21, 2018 - Kari Thorstensen

We’re excited to announce our newest Done-for-You plan, the Mediterranean Diet.

We’ve had many requests for a healthy diet that is “not so restrictive” and allows for healthy grains and low-fat dairy. So we turned to the Mediterranean for inspiration.

The people in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and healthier lives, with less instances of cancer and heart disease. Besides plenty of sea and sun, they have in common a diet that is high in fruits and veggies, seafood and other healthy fats.

The Mediterranean Diet joins our library of over a dozen targeted nutritional plans, including Adrenal Support, Elimination Plans, Low-Sugar Vegan, Paleo and Auto-Immune Paleo and many more. The Mediterranean Diet plan was developed under the guidance of our nutritionist, Isabel Smith, and includes 1,850 healthy calories per day.

Just like all of our done-for-you nutritional plans, the MBODY360 Mediterranean Diet has everything your clients need to successfully adopt a new way of eating.

And MBODY360 makes it easy with daily meal plans, over 80 easy-to-make recipes, and detailed weekly shopping lists – all available in the MBODY360 mobile app. And the best thing about our plans? Not only will your clients get great results, they find the recipes “yummy!”