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3 Ways to Create Your New Year’s Success Plan

November 28, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

If you conducted your annual review last month, you probably have a much better idea where your health coaching practice stands. With this perspective, you know what is working in your business and where you need to focus. You also now see what’s not working and where you need to change and let go.

Every new year, more people become reinvigorated to lose weight, get healthier and take control of their wellbeing. You can tap into that energy by having a strategic plan for your first quarter of 2021.

The key is in staying focused and choosing only a few goals.

Hone in on your income goal

You have a business revenue and income goal that you want to reach each month. What will you do to accomplish it?

Your early bird VIP offers can be part of that overall goal, and you will also want to look at which of your offerings are the most popular and get you the most clients.

Whether your core offer is an individual health coaching program, group program, or self-study, you can think about how many people you want to enroll each month.

Then you will need to decide what actions to take to get more people to sign up for your programs.

Grow your audience and brand

The bigger the audience that you have on your mailing list and in your social channels, the more potential clients you will have in your ecosphere.

How will you build your brand and expand your reach? There are dozens of actions you can take, including:

Getting booked on podcasts
Writing guest blog posts on other people’s sites
Becoming a guest speaker on a summit
Producing YouTube videos
Build and grow a community on Facebook
Creating and launching an ebook
Becoming a guest speaker in another person’s mastermind

And that’s just the beginning! But if you want to make these efforts effective, it will be easier if you focus on one or two different avenues.

Build on the methods that have worked for you in the past but also do something new that is achievable. If you’re new to brand building, start with one channel or method and stick with it for a while so that you get some traction.

In your social channels and on your mailing list, you can make offers for your services.

Create your perfect freemium offer

How will you let your potential clients “try before they buy” into your program? You can build excitement and enroll clients into your individual coaching and group programs using one or more of these techniques:

High Value Webinar

Take one or several of your best talks and present it in a webinar or Zoom format, and enroll clients into your programs at the end of your talk.

5-Day Challenge

Create a quick 5-day challenge in a dedicated Facebook group, or launch it through your email list. You can have potential clients challenge themselves to quit sugar, eat clean, or track their sleep or movement. Offer your program once the challenge ends.

Mini Course

If you already have a digital course that you created — a workout program, a meditation primer, a video cooking class, as just a few examples —- you could offer one small section of it for free in a mini-course. Use it as a lead magnet with an offer to sign up for your longer program at the end of the course.

Move the needle with focused work

Once you know where to focus your energy to create the biggest impact on your health coaching practice success, you need to carve out the time to make it happen. We can never say it enough – remember the 80/20 rule, “chunk” projects or tasks, and do the most important ones first. No procrastinating!

Reserve hours in your schedule for your focused work.

Carve out work blocks to create or refine your freemium offer.

Build your audience in your social channels or in your guest appearances.

Track and measure your efforts to see where your clients are coming from.

Like everything in health and wellness (and in life), when you put in consistent work and stay focused on your goal, your practice will grow stronger and you will thrive in the new year and beyond.