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Meet the MBODY360 Team at the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual Conference in San Diego This Month

May 12, 2016 - Kari Thorstensen

For the first time, our team will be participating in the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual Conference, and looking forward to learning, networking and sharing our story.

For many years, IFM has been the leader in Functional Medicine education, and have accelerated the emergence of a whole ecosystem they call the Functional Medicine Movement.

IFM serves as the leader and catalyst of this ecosystem, incubating, supporting, and disseminating creative and innovative new tools and approaches within the extended Functional Medicine community and beyond, sharing trends in primary care, consumerism in health care, digital health, the Affordable Care Act, the genomic revolution, and technology.

In their 2016 strategic plan, IFM lays out five strategic priorities over the next five years:


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