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Launch Your MBODY360 Practice With a Client Kickstart Program

May 17, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

Health and wellness are no longer just top of mind at the start of a new year. Preventing disease and maintaining health have been reprioritized as a year-round necessity.

Millions of people have taken new interest in their own personal wellness after months of lockdowns, which shifted eating, sleeping and workout habits. With more people keeping tabs on their health metrics, sales of wearable activity trackers also increased by 28% last year.

Right now is the perfect time to get more clients into your programs. The demand is there, and your expertise is needed.

Engaging clients with MBODY360 is a powerful way to spur your practice’s growth. When you combine the MBODY360 coaching platform with the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you can create a powerful program that helps more people reach their goals while adding tons of new revenue potential to your practice.

Not sure how to get started? We suggest launching your own Client Kickstart Program.

Who Are Your Five Best Clients?

You know who. You don’t have to think about it.

You know these clients well because they are your favorites. You love working with them because they are already so invested in their own health. They show up, they do the work.

It’s easy to coach them because they are committed to their own success. When you advise them, they listen and take action. Often in their next meeting with you, they have a list of wins to report and new goals they want to accomplish. Because they are such high achievers, they almost always reach the milestones they set for themselves in every area of their lives.

Start With Your Best

These are the clients that will also get the most out of using MBODY360 and these are the clients you want to invite to kickstart your MBODY360-powered practice. Using the app is just another way for them to keep themselves accountable — because what gets measured gets managed.

The best part about offering MBODY360 to your best clients? They can be your “test” group to help you get to know how you can make MBODY360 work best for you.

Send Them an VIP Invitation to Your Kickstart

Reach out to each one individually with a personalized email telling them about your new program.

You can explain that they are one of a handful of carefully selected VIP clients that you are inviting to a special kickstart challenge using the MBODY360 app.

Let them know that you are inviting them because you really want their feedback. Provide the app and the plan to your best clients for free, and you can also offer them a special discount on the included supplement recommendation for being in your “pilot group.”

You have dozens of nutrition and lifestyle plans that you can offer in MBODY360, which can be assigned to your clients with just a few clicks.

Offer Clients the MBODY360 App For Daily Support

You may meet with your clients once or twice during their program. But you can also have your clients guide themselves through their program. As long as they are tracking their progress, you will still be able to see how they are doing in your MBODY360 practitioner portal.

This will give you an opportunity to test out features in your MBODY360 practitioner portal and become familiar with monitoring and communications. It will also help you figure out how much time to spend to support clients in the future and price accordingly.

Each plan is pre-programmed with daily encouraging messages to help clients stay on track with their plan. Automated reminders pop up on clients’ phones throughout each day that they are in an assigned plan.

You can also customize messages and reminders, writing them in your own voice and style. When clients see your custom messages, it will feel like you are talking directly to them.

Encourage your clients to use the app daily to log their meals and activities, and the app will be their “automated coach” in their pocket.

Jumpstart Client Success With Supplements

Supplements can help fill in nutritional gaps and offer extra support for health conditions. High-quality nutritionals can help kick start weight loss, boost energy, and help clients feel better faster.

When you assign the nutrition plan to your client, you have the option to also suggest or recommend supplements from the MBODY360 Wellness Store.

To provide general healthy guidelines, you can offer them a 28-Day Clean Eating Challenge. Alternately, you could offer a 28-Day Low Sugar Challenge or Paleo Challenge to help your best clients balance their blood sugar, lose some weight or get energized – and include supplement recommendations that they can purchase via the MBODY360 mobile app.

You can offer one of the detox or weight loss kits with your nutrition plan using the MBODY360 wellness store. You can also personalize each client’s plan with vitamins, herbs, nutrition bars and shakes, or detox kits — just for them.

Your clients can order their recommended supplements using their MBODY360 app, and their order will ship directly to their doorstep — no need for you to deal with managing inventory, sales or distribution.

Kickstart Revenue With The MBODY360 Wellness Store

Why do we call this a Kickstart?

Because it is not just a way for you to simplify the way you work with clients, but also a powerful way to generate more revenue with your health and wellness practice – to help you build and grow a sustainable business.

As an affiliate of the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you can instantly add a brand new recurring revenue stream. When your clients purchase your supplement recommendations from the MBODY360 Wellness Store – you earn 25% in affiliate commissions!

All of the products within the MBODY360 Wellness Store are professional-grade and formulated with the utmost potency for effective results.

As a trusted health and wellness practitioner, when you recommend products as an integral part of your programs, your clients will order and use them. Clients can also reorder supplements from their app, or shop on their own for other products within your MBODY360 Wellness Store – helping you build recurring revenue for your practice.

You may also generate more revenue for your practice through the “clients, friends and family” effect. When your clients brag about the results they are getting from working with you, their friends and family will want to try the products for themselves, and some of those shoppers may even become clients!

Either way, whenever anyone purchases supplements from the Wellness Store through your exclusive affiliate link, you will earn 25% commission as an affiliate.

Ask Your Kickstart Clients for Feedback

Your client’s feedback is gold for your growing your practice.

Once their program is over, you can ask your kickstart clients to fill out a survey, or better yet, interview each one about their experience. What you learn will be so valuable for improving and growing your next program.

If your clients loved the program, ask them if you can use their feedback for a testimonial for your website and in your marketing. You can also ask them to recommend your program to friends or family that would benefit from it — and most clients will send new people your way. And you can provide clients with your affiliate link and encourage them to share it.

And if clients didn’t like certain aspects of the experience, you can use that feedback to change or improve your program for the next time that you launch it.

What are you waiting for?

Find your favorite clients and kickstart your practice and your bottom line today. MBODY360 gives you a new, easy-to-launch foundation that you can use over and over again to help more wellness clients and grow your practice.