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Give Them A Free Sample: Or How to Use MBODY360 to Market Your Health Coaching Business

May 26, 2022 - Christy Goldfeder

One of the most common questions most health coaches have is how do I get more health coaching clients?

Attracting more of the right clients to your business is a numbers game. You need to get in front of enough of the right people seeking your services, and they need to know you enough to want to hire you. The easiest way to get someone to know you is to give them a sample of your services.

Did you know that right within MBODY360 you have a way to let people “sample” your services? You can offer the Clean Eating Guide as a free sample program to anyone who wants to try out your services before they enroll in your program.

Make the Clean Eating Guide Your Lead Magnet

Maybe you’re familiar with the idea of giving away a free ebook or other content to attract and gather leads for your business. In this case, you have something much more vaulable and interesting to give away for free — you have a lead magnet that can generate revenue. When you set up the Clean Eating Guide as your lead magnet, you can allow potential clients to “test drive” the MBODY360 mobile app.

The Clean Eating Guide is a simple, 14-day program where potential clients can follow a simple clean eating plan. They can use the recipes in the guide, and track what they eat — as well as track their exercise, body metrics, and conditions.

The plan is purposefully fluid —- it offers general eating guidelines and recipes, but it does not have a strict menu plan. Your potential clients can choose to make any of the recipes within the plan or create their own menus from recommended foods.

Each day they track, you will be able to see where they are in their wellness journey. You’ll see their eating patterns, exercise and wellness habits, and where they might be keeping themselves from moving forward toward better health.

How to Set Up Your Clean Eating Guide Lead Magnet

You can easily set up an opt-in page for your lead magnet if you have your tech stack set up for your health coaching business.

You will need a click-and-go landing page with a form to provide a way for people to sign up to get access to your Clean Eating Guide. Once your new leads sign up, you can add them manually to your practice, or you can automatically add them to your practitioner portal using Zapier — as it is already integrated with MBODY360.

Once potential clients are added to your MBODY360 practitioner portal, they will get an automated email inviting them to download the app and start tracking their health metrics.

How to Make Money With Your “Free” Clean Eating Guide

Even if you give away your Clean Eating Guide, you can still make incremental income without extra work — and potentially get new clients.

If you are an affiliate of the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you can recommend your top 2 or 3 supplements to the Clean Eating Guide.

When potential clients opt in to get your guide and download the MBODY360 app, some may opt to purchase the supplements that you recommend within the plan.

As an affiliate, you’ll make a commission on every purchase made through your app. It’s a simple way to help clients get even better results while going through your plan — and an easy way to make recurring, incremental revenue.

How to Promote Your Clean Eating Guide Lead Magnet

You can promote your lead magnet through social media posts. You will likely need both organic posts and paid posts if you want to optimize the number of leads that are coming to your landing page.

Follow Up With An Enrollment Conversation

After your potential client tracks their health metrics for 14 days, you can reach out to them and offer a Clean Eating Guide Assessment and next steps.

Before the call, you can review their Clean Eating Guide metrics and have a clear picture of where you think they need the most support. You can use this information to support your enrollment conversation and give them the best options for moving forward.

This is when you can introduce them to your one-on-one coaching packages, group programs, self-guided detox packages, or other offerings.

Keep in Touch With Email Marketing

Not everyone who uses the 14-Day Clean Eating Guide will want to enroll in your program or become a client right away. But some may decide to join your program down the road, so it makes sense to keep in touch with them. You will ideally want to add them to your email list, another thing you can do automatically when they sign up, using Zapier.

You can then keep people informed of your upcoming group programs, classes, and one-on-one coaching through your newsletter or promotional emails. By occasionally sending them valuable content and offers through your email list you remind them how you can support them and provide different opportunities to become a client.

Attracting more clients to your practice is an ongoing process. Utilizing the MBODY360 mobile app and a free plan as a lead magnet can help you attract new clients to your practice and helps you get to know them sooner so that you can help them decide if they want to work with you.