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Jaime Anderson Expands Her Online Program with MBODY360

April 6, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

This January Jaime Anderson, a HIIT personal trainer and a key part of the MBODY360 Customer Success Team, put MBODY360 and the MBODY360 Wellness Store into practice by offering a Healthy Habits Reset Challenge. In doing so, she earned thousands of additional dollars for her coaching practice.

Before the pandemic, Jaime taught her fitness classes and offered nutrition coaching at her local gym. She had a loyal client base who loved working out with her and raved about her classes.

Once the pandemic shuttered the gym, she needed to find a new way to offer her classes and coaching. That’s when she created CentralHIIT. Her new enterprise offers two kinds of classes —- HIIT and Forever Fit, which combines strength training with high-intensity workouts. They also offer nutrition and accountability coaching.

Jaime plans on opening an in-person studio once it’s safe. But until then, she needed a way to offer classes virtually.

First she turned to Zoom to offer her daily online fitness classes. After building momentum through 2020, Jaime wanted to add additional services focusing on helping clients lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. She wanted to help clients kick off the new year with a challenge of exercise plus healthy eating.

It was just a few days before the holidays, but Jaime knew she could use MBODY360 to launch her 30-Day Healthy Habits Group Challenge — and it very quickly became the best solution she could have imagined to help her expand her offerings and support more clients.

Detailed Nutrition Plans Help Clients Succeed

Before joining the MBODY360 team, Jaime found that offering nutrition coaching was time intensive and not very successful.

“I had a dietitian that provided a very generic nutrition program, with a simple meal plan outline — pick a protein, pick a starch, pick a vegetable or a fruit. There are no recipes included,” she said.

Her clients might start a plan, but they didn’t follow through. Some people could put together their own meal plan, but most people wouldn’t stick with them.

Jaime now has a 30-60 minute intro meeting with one-on-one clients to talk about their food preferences and constrictions. She can then assign one of several done-for-you nutrition plans from the MBODY360 library.

“The plans have been fantastic.” she said. “My clients love using the app. It gives them all the recipes and alternatives.”

Jaime added, “Tracking with the app has been much more successful than trying to get clients to keep a paper food diary.”

Jaime’s Offerings Expand with MBODY360

With MBODY360, Jaime was able to charge a fee for her coaching through the challenge and earn revenue from supplement sales. For each client, she recommended specific supplements through the MBODY360 Wellness Store. The Healthy Habits Reset Challenge helped her generate thousands of additional dollars for her practice in just one month.

Because the MBODY360 app had everything her clients needed in one place, it was easy for Jaime to launch her program in less time, effort and frustration than she experienced in previous challenges.

The MBODY360 app made it easy for her clients to stay accountable to their plan, so they got better results. And she got more people to sign up for her challenge than in years past.

Clients Like the Virtual Workouts

At first, adapting from in-person workouts to virtual fitness classes was difficult for some of her clients. They had to get used to working with technology, finding the right equipment, and having a physical space to workout.

“Getting everyone used to new technology is always a hurdle,” Jaime said. “But I wanted everyone to understand that they didn’t need tons of equipment. They could do modifications if they had injuries or were out of shape.”

Jaime conducts daily classes and records the first one of the day. She also records demo videos so that clients can have the correct form. If clients can’t make the classes, they can do the workouts to the recordings and follow along with the coaching and cues.

MBODY360 Makes Guiding Clients Easy and Efficient

Jaime also appreciates how easy it is to see if her clients are staying accountable to tracking their plan.

“I check once a day in between the classes that I coach in the morning. I just glance at the red-yellow-green stop lights in my MBODY360 portal. If anything is red, I check in on those clients and will send them a quick message right in the app,” she said.

In the afternoon, Jaime sets aside another hour to check in and respond to messages sent to her through the app. “Using MBODY360 saves tons of time,” she said. “It’s much faster to respond to all of my clients’ messages and see their progress all in one place.”

Jaime finds that clients seem to be more accountable when they are using the MBODY360 app. “They know that I’m checking in on their progress,” she said. “It’s also easier for them to track in the app than it is to write a food diary on paper.”

New Healthy Habits Challenge is a Success

Jaime offered new year’s challenges in previous years when she was working at her neighborhood gym. While her clients would get results from the old challenges, Jaime found that they rebounded shortly after it was over.

“The old challenge was calorie-restrictive and focused on weight loss,” she said. “The weight would come off fast, but they didn’t really adapt to new habits.”

With her new challenge, Jaime decided to make it into a Healthy Habits Reset. She had clients focus on tracking their nutrition and adding one new healthy habit per week over the 4-week program:

Jaime attracted 54 clients to her challenge — including 11 brand-new clients to her programs. After it was over, 8 of the challengers stayed on for additional classes and coaching.

Clients Get Great Results from Healthy Habits Challenge

Across the board, Jaime’s clients loved the results that they got from participating in her 4-week Health Habits Reset challenge.

Staycee’s Workouts are Better

Stacyee Milligan, a busy school guidance counselor and mom of two boys, has participated in Jaime’s workout groups for two years. Even though she felt she was pretty healthy, Stacyee noticed some significant changes after doing the Healthy Habits Reset challenge.

“I noticed that my workouts were much better. I increased the weights I was using and I felt better overall,” Staycee said. “I wasn’t trying to lose weight because I’m happy where I am. But I did lose inches.”

Staycee also enjoyed tracking her food with pictures — and not simply counting calories. “At first I didn’t know how it was helping me,” she said. “But I realized that if I was eating the right way, I wouldn’t have to calculate down to the last almond.”

Diane Nourishes Herself More Completely

Diane Kinoian was an avid athlete, coach and personal trainer. She used to train for fitness competitions, and she would carefully calculate every morsel of food that she ate. Right before the lockdowns started, she ended up teaching her last fitness class.

Diane joined Jaime’s Healthy Habits Reset challenge because she needed to start working out again. She noticed a change right from the first workout. “I couldn’t even walk down the stairs after the first week. The workout was that intense,” Diane said. “I was excited that I felt tighter. I could see my abs again.”

Diane loved how she felt after improving her diet with the MBODY360 recipes and the Designs for Health supplements.

“I wasn’t really eating enough during the day,” she said. “The app helped remind me to eat and to take my supplements. I feel good that I’m nourishing my body and I have more energy.”

Jayme Improves Her Nutrition and Conditions

Jayme Carlson was working out in Jaime’s fitness program for months. But during the holidays, she felt like her nutrition fell off track.

“I stopped tracking my macros, and I let things get a little loosey goosey,” she said.

The Healthy Habits Reset Challenge helped Jayme get a full picture of her health by tracking different body metrics along with her food. “I loved using MBODY360 and seeing how my sleep, body conditions, workouts, elimination and food affected each other,” Jayme said. “By getting back on track, I was able to lose inches and even a few pounds.”

Jayme especially found improvements in her sleep. “I was able to add another 20-30 minutes of sleep every night. When you don’t get a lot of sleep, it makes a big difference.”

Jayme had frequent stomach pains that she accepted as something she would just live with. But during the challenge, she was able to identify things that had been bothering her stomach, and eliminate them. “They were easy, quick fixes,” she said. “And I feel better now.”

Trish Feels Supported and Successful

Trish Everhart stays busy with her second career working in a preschool, substituting in her school districts, and as a member of her local school board. She started working out with Jaime to step up her self-care and support her blood pressure.

Although enthusiastic to jump into the Healthy Habits Reset Challenge, Trish was hesitant to use the MBODY360 app. “I’m not so good with technology,” she said. But once she dived in, Trish saw that the app was actually very easy to use. “I liked that Jaime was only just a click away if I had questions,” she said.

“I did it every day — I had my drink, my supplements, I logged my food. It became part of my routine,” Trish said. “I was reluctant to do the morning ginger drink, but now I miss it.”

Trish loved the support of the group and the accountability. And since she loves to cook, she shared a lot of her recipes and photos of her meals.

“I’ve done other challenges, and they were not joyful,” she said. “I liked that you could do the challenge and make it work for me. It was a great way to start the year off.”

Jaime’s Practice Gains Momentum

Now that her Healthy Habits Reset Challenge is over, Jaime has several clients who have continued on with additional nutrition coaching. She also attracted several new clients to her practice who have become raving fans of Jaime’s coaching and workouts.

With the success of her Healthy Habits Reset Challenge, Jaime is planning on launching new programs that include MBODY360 nutrition plans and supplement recommendations through the MBODY360 Wellness Store.

MBODY360 is a Game Changer for Jaime’s Practice

As a health & wellness practitioner, Jaime finds that MBODY360 allows her to provide more expertise and more value to her clients. The in-depth nutrition and lifestyle plans are easy for clients to follow and track through the app. The automated reminders help guide clients each day, while Jaime can provide coaching through her practitioner portal.

For her business, MBODY360 allows her to easily put together new programs and offer new packages that provide a total client transformation experience. “I now have a system that I can use that helps my clients be successful,” she said.