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Increase Your Earnings and Work Less in Your Health Practice

September 22, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

You spend hours preparing and giving talks, writing social posts, sending newsletters and emails, and working on your website.

But if your practice is not at full capacity, it’s time to reevaluate your efforts. You can easily slash hours off your schedule and instantly boost your income when you know your numbers.

Are You Underpaying Yourself?

And how can you tell if you’re being underpaid? After all, you are your own boss, and you’re setting your own rates.

To know what you’re really making, you need to figure out your effective hourly rate.

Your effective hourly rate is determined by dividing your earnings by the number of hours worked.

For example, say you earned $2500 last month, and you worked a full-time, 40 hour per week schedule in your practice.

$2500 / 160 hours = $15.62 per hour. Or just above what you’d make as a Starbucks employee.

Give Yourself an Instant Raise

You know you could be making a higher effective hourly rate. And now you can, starting today.

If you don’t track your hours, you need to start immediately. Track at least 2 weeks worth of time spent on all of your tasks. Write down anything and everything you do in a day. Include everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s business related or time spent browsing social media, reading, running errands, or taking breaks.

Once you’ve tracked hours, you can look back at how you spent your time. When you’re evaluating your time, take note on:

Once you know which tasks make you the most money, you can allocate more of your time to those activities.

If you find that you’re only spending 20 hours per month on money-making activities and 40 hours on coaching activities, you know where to concentrate your time.

And if you’re now spending 60 hours working in your practice, you’ve nearly tripled your effective hourly rate to $41 per hour.

Your Unlimited Earning Potential

How can you double (or quadruple) your earnings without working harder? You need to replicate and duplicate your efforts.

Earnings Booster #1: Automate Yourself

Which instructions do you give over and over again to new clients?

Instead of repeating yourself, you can record your instructions and tips into a video series and / or audio recordings.

Then get your video or audio clips transcribed into text. Take the transcription and break it down into lessons or chapters. You can use this as a self-guided program, along with one of the done-for-you plans in the MBODY360 library.

When you create a mini, self-guided course once, you can get paid over and over again as people buy it.

Earnings Booster #2: Multiply Your Efforts


What if you could predictably create big paydays for your practice — adding an extra $2000 – $5000 to your bottom line?

You can if you create a group program with a compelling offer that gets results.

Seasonal detoxes, challenges, and other jumpstart programs are popular because they offer a quick win. They help clients lose 5 pounds, get more energized, and start sleeping better. And it’s easy to commit to a short program.

Say you charge $200 for your detox and you get 20 people to sign up — that’s $4000 in just a few days of marketing. You can use the MBODY360 done-for-you plans and app to deliver the program.

Offer a couple of group calls, and you’re serving 20 people with a few hours of your time. If you had 20 individual clients, you might spend 40 hours or more serving them.


Earnings Booster #3: Build an Ascension Program

A client wants to lose 25 pounds to get their energy back. They want to get active again, but they’re dealing with achy joints and knee pain.

You put them on a detox to lose some weight, and prescribe supplements to help with digestion and joint relief.

Once they finish their detox, what’s the next step in their health journey?

You can chart a course for life-long health when you have an ascension program.

It could look like this:

Make a Healthier Impact on the World

As a health coach, you have the potential to help thousands of people transform their health and lives.

Your passion and expertise is desperately needed in the world. And the best way to make the biggest impact is to work smarter, not harder.

When you do, you’ll earn more and be able to help more people.