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How to Help Clients Get Better Results

July 10, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

It goes without saying that the coaching clients who get the best results are the ones that put in the most effort. You can guide clients along the success path, but they are ultimately responsible for doing the work to get the biggest payoff.

Yet with the right tools and techniques, you can help clients get even better results without adding extra work to your own busy schedule. It comes back to focusing on a few basics that can move the needle for your clients.

Get Clients to Track Daily

Many clients find tracking their food, exercise, sleep, meditation, and other habits annoying. And it’s true — it is not always convenient to track everything.

However, daily tracking does help clients improve personal accountability and get better overall results. The act of daily tracking is also your client’s daily reminder to stay on track with their goals.

Tracking is the nudge that they need to make every meal count by making healthier choices. Even intermittent tracking can help create overall better outcomes when it includes supplements taken, hours slept, body conditions and even journaling out thoughts and feelings about their progress.

MBODY360 simplifies daily food tracking

For their nutrition plan, clients can easily check off the items they ate during each meal — no need for them to search for ingredients or calorie counts. If they eat foods that are within the guidelines but not part of the daily meals scheduled, they can snap a photo and write a quick note for you to see what they’re eating.

Body conditions, meditation, supplements, and other metrics can also be tracked and monitored with the MBODY360 app. Movement, exercise, weight, and other metrics from health and fitness trackers can be automated when your client synchs their data via Fitbit, Apple Health, or Google Fit.

When you get your clients to track their progress daily, you instantly lift up your best clients — and they will appreciate the extra nudge to be better. It also encourages your clients who are not as committed to their plans. Daily tracking can keep them from falling off the bandwagon.

Nudge Clients Strategically

Remember, your clients are depending on you to help them stay accountable and on track. If you see clients who are not following through on their daily tracking, you can give them a quick nudge through the text chat feature in MBODY360. Ask them where they need support or what is holding them back from tracking their progress more consistently. Your client can then message you back through their app.

And of course, you can also send quick kudos through text chat to your clients who are following their plan and making progress. A little nudge when things are going right can help them keep going in the right direction.

MBODY360 Supports Clients With Automated Nudges

Each plan in MBODY360 has pre-written, automated reminder messages that are sent to clients as they go through each day of their assigned plan. If your client has reminders turned on, they will receive your timed messages as notifications on their mobile phone even when they are not actively using the app.

These little automated “nudges” don’t take any extra effort from you — they are sent as long as your client is assigned to a nutrition plan. But they can make a difference in your client’s success simply by reminding them to stay on track throughout the day.

You are welcome to personalize these messages to sound more like you and address your client’s specific concerns. Each message can be revised to say whatever you want to motivate and inspire your clients.

Use MBODY360 to Build Healthier Work Habits

When you offer MBODY360 to all of your clients, you can also make it easier to coach them and keep track of their progress.

The MBODY360 practitioner portal gives you an at-a-glance view of the progress of all of your clients in seconds. Seeing everything all in one place can save you hours of time and effort.

You can also choose a specific time of day to log into your MBODY360 practitioner portal and check on the progress of all of your clients. In your dashboard, you can click on the name of each client and get specific details on their progress. You can then message your clients about their progress and offer support as needed, and continue with your day.

With MBODY360 as your automated coaching tool, you can help more clients in less time — and help them get better results.