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How to Customize Nutrition Plans

June 14, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

Your nutrition plan library in MBODY360 offers dozens of complete programs that you can assign in an instant to your clients. There’s no need to spend hours pulling together recipes, creating meal plans and constructing shopping lists. It’s all done for you.

However, you can give each plan your own personal touch. Customizing your nutrition plans to add your coaching voice and style can make your clients feel like you are there with them on their MBODY360 journey

Customize With Your Photo and Practice Name

When you log into MBODY360, you can personalize your practice with your own photo and practice name by updating your profile information. Click on the arrow in the upper right corner, and a form will pop up so you can update:

  • The practice name
  • Your display name (what your clients will see in their MBODY360 app)
  • Professional headshot or profile photo
  • A personalized message that your clients can see on the contact screen in their app
  • Your phone number or other contact information.

Each of these small personalizations helps your clients feel like they are connecting more directly with you on a daily basis — even if you only speak during scheduled appointments.

Customize The Nutrition Plan Name and Tracking

When you open a nutrition plan in your MBODY360 practitioner platform, you can change the name of the plan. In the basic information box, click on the pencil icon next to the custom name field to change it.

Make it your own by adding the name of your practice, the name of your proprietary process, or your own name. Personalizing it will make it feel more unique and aligned with your practice.

You can also modify any of the tracking features. Each plan is set up to track sleep, elimination, weight, waist, and meditation. You can change any of the default tracking metrics. Those include blood pressure, blood glucose levels, body fat index, pain index, ketones, urine pH, quick track fluids, intermittent fasting timer, and temperature. Set your own defaults, save to the plan template, and forget it. Every time you assign the plan, it will automatically include those metrics.

Customize The Nutrition Plan Reminders

Each plan comes with pre-populated, automated reminders that are delivered to your clients throughout each day. You could leave them as they are written, or you can write custom reminders.

You can add your own words of encouragement so that your clients feel like you are coaching them. Change as many or as few reminders as you like. Each one can be individually edited. Automated reminders are a powerful way to influence and support your clients to develop healthy habits, without any extra work for you.

To update a reminder, click the pencil icon next to the text. You can edit the reminder in the pop-up box that appears on your screen.

Customize Daily Messages

Each plan comes with preloaded daily messages that accompany your profile photo in the client’s app. They offer a great opportunity to really personalize your client’s experience by providing encouragement and inspiration each day. You can edit any of the pre-written daily messages within the plan.

Add affirmations, thought-provoking questions, quick tips, and other messages of support that you offer in individual coaching sessions. When you write the daily messages in your own voice, your client will feel like they are hearing directly from you — even if they are self-guiding their way through the plan.

Just click on the Daily Messages section located on the right side of the screen, and click the pencil icon of the messages that you want to revise.

Add Your Own Voice with Custom Videos or Documents

If you have content you want to share with clients — such as educational videos, articles, webinars or worksheets — you can add them into each MBODY360 plan.

You can also record a welcome video message introducing clients to their plan. Include helpful tips to help them succeed as they go through the plan.

Adding your own proprietary assets plans adds more value for your clients, makes them feel more like it’s coming directly from you and increases their engagement.

Branding your MBODY360 in your own voice and style helps clients feel like they are connected to you. Each day when they open their MBODY360 app, they get advice and support from you. This connection can help clients get better results as they work with you.