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How Journaling Helps Clients Accomplish Goals Faster

July 21, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

The science is in: journaling is one of the best first steps to accomplish more goals. According to a goal setting study conducted at Dominican University, groups that wrote down their goals achieved more than those who thought about their goals
And participants who made commitments to take action accomplished more goals in less time. Sharing their goals and progress reports with a trusted friend helped them achieve more and at a faster rate than other participants
Your clients can achieve more, too, when you get them to commit to goals in writing. Reviewing their progress together and having them keep track of their progress through the Mbody360 app, can help them do more in less time
Of course, tracking meals, supplements, movement, and body metrics are important. But getting clients to journal their progress in the Mbody360 notes section is an easy way to provide you both with insight that can lead to better habits and results.

Why Does Journaling Help Accomplish Goals?

Journaling is the first step to making an idea a reality by making it visible. Seeing it written on paper or even typing or dictating it into one of our devices and seeing on a screen keeps the goal in the forefront of your client’s mind. 
The act of journaling itself doesn’t help your clients make better choices. What it can do however is reveal much about what affects their lifestyle choices. It will show where positive changes are working. And it can reveal where old habits or thoughts and feelings are preventing progress. 

Helps Clients Recognize Positive Changes

Each day that your clients journal, they can reflect on how they are feeling. 
For example, they might note that they can now bike for an hour without feeling winded. Or that they’re swimming twice as many laps as when they started their routine.
Your clients might notice that they’re sleeping through the night. Before, they were waking up at 2 am and staring at the ceiling for an hour or more. 
Or they have to go shopping for pants with a smaller waist size because their old slacks won’t stay up without a belt. 

Without a journal, the wins may be soon forgotten.

Instead, you can both recognize and celebrate all wins when they are in the journal.

Gives You Insight for Better Client Guidance

Your client may be following their food plan and avoiding the off-limit foods. But they can’t seem to lose weight.
Within their journal entries, you can see that they are having trouble sleeping at night. They feel stressed about juggling their work, home and family responsibilities. 
Many studies show that shorter sleep is linked to weight gain and it is linked to obesity and cardiometabolic syndrome
With that insight, you can guide them to add more relaxation into their plan, such as:
  • 10-minute daily meditation practice
  • 15 minutes of stretching at midday
  • Or winding down to get into bed earlier
Tracking water, food, and exercise in the Mbody360 app with a few clicks is good data. But you’ll learn more about how your clients are feeling when they add details in journal entries.
Here are three ways you can have them use notes to journal their experience:

Journal Style #1: Freeform journal

If your clients like writing out their thoughts and emotions, you can have them write a short note for each day of their plan. You can rewrite one of the reminders to prompt them to use their notes. 

Journal Style #2: Use with the question of the day

Each plan in Mbody360 comes pre-populated with daily prompts that you can edit. You can instruct your clients to use these questions as journaling prompts. Some examples of questions or prompts you could use: 
  • Observe and describe your “internal weather”
  • How do you want to feel today? 
  • What kind of exercise will you do today and when will you work out? 
  • What is your top accomplishment of this week? 

Journal Style #3: Goals report 

If your clients are very goal-oriented and “Type-A” personality, you can have them write out their weekly goals in advance. Have them journal daily check-ins on their progress. If they are doing a 100-pushup challenge, they can write down the number of pushups they do each day. 
The notes feature in the Mbody360 app is a simple tool on its own. But when used with the custom nutrition plans, supplements, and your other recommendations, it has the power to help your clients transform their health and lives.