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Helping Clients Get Fit at Home or “After” Staying at Home

June 3, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

During the recent shelter-at-home mandates, some clients may have already adopted an in-home fitness routine. And in fact, home fitness equipment has been in high demand; there is kettlebell shortage and Peloton sales have surged in 2020.

Other clients may not have had a solid workout routine before the pandemic happened. Some may have spent more time moving less and eating more. 

Though many states are re-opening businesses, we still expect to be dealing with COVID for some time to come. And because exercise helps support immune health, it’s important to support clients to adopt fitness routines now so they can be as healthy as possible going into Autumn, the traditional cold and flu season.

Any regular routine can provide life-long physical and mental benefits. They don’t have to be elaborate.

Get clients to start with one action

Building healthy habits start with small daily actions.

If your client put working out on hold while at home, or doesn’t have a routine, it’s better if they start slowly. A move toward fitness could be as simple as taking a daily walk. 

The one action they can take to build the habit is to prepare their workout gear each day. 

Have them set out their sneakers and athletic clothes in their bedroom so they are ready first thing in the morning. 

If it’s open, and they’re ready to start hitting the gym and they’re working outside of the house, encourage them to pack their workout bag so they can bring it to work and get to the gym during lunch or after work hours. 

You can set reminders in the MBODY360 app to encourage clients to get up and move or do a recommended exercise during the day. Ask them to give you a 30 second desk plank, stand up and stretch for 3 minutes, or walk for 10 minutes.

Encourage clients to build a tracking habit

Some clients are motivated by seeing their progress in numbers. And the more frequently they track, the more likely they are to build healthier habits

Under Movement, they can track time spent biking, swimming, walking, running and other types of movement and exercise. If they are using tracking devices for their fitness, they can sync their run time, flights climbed or step count right into the MBODY360 app. 

Clients can also see their progress in the app as they track —  at the top of the app, your client can swipe through and see how many times they worked out during their plan. 

You’ll also be able to see their tracked progress from your practitioner portal. The simple red-yellow-green “stoplight” tracking system will let you know instantly whether they are working out consistently or if they are missing their goals. 

When they know that you’re tracking their progress, it increases your clients’ sense of accountability – and they may be more motivated to keep working out and making measurable progress.

Include workouts in your program

If you are a fitness trainer or exercise coach, you can add your own workout programs to the MBODY360 app as an added value for your clients. 

The MBODY360 app can include home fitness  videos and PDF documents of your exercise routines. 

You can also pair workouts with one of the new Intermittent Fasting programs to help clients shed pounds gained during the pandemic. The IF Cardiometabolic plan and IF Mediterranean plan are both excellent for weight management. 

Keep clients motivated with reminders

Each done-for-you nutritional plan in your practitioner portal can be customized with daily reminder messages that are automatically sent to your clients on a given day or time.

When you go to the Plan page for any of the plans in the Plan Library, you can add personlized reminders to help your clients stay motivated and adopt new habits. You can edit any of the pre-populatedreminders and add more for each plan – in your own voice and how you would coach if you were speaking face to face. 

Add in motivational quotes and words of encouragement to keep going. Even though the messages are pre-written and automated, the daily, automated pop-ups on their phone can help them feel like you’re right there supporting them.  

Partner with a gym or fitness professional 

Partnering with a complementary service can make your nutrition plans stand out from the crowd, and they can help your clients get better long-term results as they work toward their health goals. 

If you don’t offer workouts as part of your program, you can partner up with a local gym to offer a package deal or discount for your clients. Or you could create a joint venture with a fitness professional who can train your clients remotely.

Because of the stay-at-home orders, more trainers have had to get creative with offering programs that can be done from anywhere – the park or the back yard, at home in a small space, and without lots of equipment. 

And your clients will appreciate having more options for getting fit no matter where they are in their journey.