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Jaime’s Healthy Habits Resetters Get Great Results

April 8, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder


Jaime Anderson used to offer a new year reset through her neighborhood gym. While her clients would get results from restrictive eating and hard workouts, Jaime found that they rebounded shortly after it was over.

In 2021, Jaime changed her program into a Healthy Habits Reset Challenge. Instead of strict calorie counting and cutting out foods, she assigned her clients a nutrition plan in MBODY360 and recommended supplements through the MBODY360 Wellness Store.

And instead of making weight loss the goal, she encouraged her clients to pick one or two health goals to focus on that would move the needle for them on their health goals.

She had her clients try out one new healthy habit per week over the 4-week program — including better sleep, drinking more water, managing stress, and building momentum to keep habits going.

Across the board, Jaime’s clients loved the results that they got from participating in her 4-week Health Habits Reset challenge.

Staycee Lifts More Weight in Her Workouts

Stacyee Milligan, a busy school guidance counselor and mom of two boys, has participated in Jaime’s workout groups for two years.

When the pandemic started, and before Jaime offered her online classes, Staycee did quarantine workouts with some fellow group mates — printing out the HIIT routines and working out in the park outside.

Staycee’s eating schedule got off track while she was working from home while also managing a hybrid school schedule for her kids. “I knew what I was supposed to do, but I wasn’t doing it,” she said. “I wasn’t eating enough at the right times of the day. At the end of the day, I was making excuses like, ‘I can have some ice cream.’”

Stacyee noticed some significant changes after doing the Healthy Habits Reset challenge.
“I noticed that my workouts were much better. I increased the weights I was using and I felt better overall,” Staycee said. “I wasn’t trying to lose weight because I’m happy where I am. But I did lose inches.”

Staycee also enjoyed tracking her food with pictures through the MBODY360 app — and not simply counting calories.

“At first I didn’t know how the app was helping me,” she said. “But I realized that if I was eating the right way, I wouldn’t have to calculate down to the last almond.”

Diane Nourishes Herself More Completely

Diane Kinoian was an avid athlete, coach and personal trainer. She used to train for fitness competitions, and she would carefully calculate every morsel of food that she ate.

Right before the lockdowns started, she ended up teaching her last fitness class. Her routine shifted from daily workouts to occasional walks on the beach. After several months of low activity, Diane was feeling like she needed a big change.

Diane joined Jaime’s Healthy Habits Reset challenge to jump back into working out again. She noticed a change right from the first workout. “I couldn’t even walk down the stairs after the first week. The workout was that intense,” Diane said. “I was excited that I felt tighter. I could see my abs again.”

Diane loved how she felt after improving her diet with the MBODY360 recipes and the Designs for Health supplements.

“I wasn’t really eating enough during the day,” she said. “The app helped remind me to eat and to take my supplements. I feel good that I’m nourishing my body and I have more energy.”

Diane also enjoyed being in the student role again instead of being the instructor. “It was a good reminder for me that the health journey is lifelong — life throws different things at you, and there are tools out there like MBODY360 to help you get back on track.”

Jayme Improves Her Nutrition and Conditions

Jayme Carlson was working out in Jaime’s fitness program for months. But during the holidays, she felt like her nutrition fell off track. “I stopped tracking my macros, and I let things get a little loosey goosey,” she said.

The Healthy Habits Reset Challenge helped Jayme get a full picture of her health by tracking different body metrics along with her food. “I loved using MBODY360 and seeing how my sleep, body conditions, workouts, elimination and food affected each other,” Jayme said. “By getting back on track, I was able to lose inches and even a few pounds.”

Jayme especially found improvements in her sleep. She took Jaime’s advice to add breathing and stretching into her nightly before-bed routine, and those small changes really helped. “I was able to add another 20-30 minutes of sleep every night,” she said. “When you don’t get a lot of sleep, it makes a big difference.”

Jayme had frequent stomach pains that she accepted as something she would just live with. But during the challenge, she was able to identify things that had been bothering her stomach, and eliminate them. “They were easy, quick fixes,” she said. “And I feel better now.”

Trish Feels Supported and Successful

Trish Everhart stays busy with her second career working in a preschool, substituting in her school districts, and as a member of her local school board. She started working out with Jaime to step up her self-care and support her blood pressure.

Although enthusiastic to jump into the Healthy Habits Reset Challenge, Trish was hesitant to use the MBODY360 app. “I’m not so savvy with technology,” she said. But once she dived in, Trish saw that the app was actually very easy to use. “I liked that Jaime was only just a click away if I had questions,” she said.

“I did it every day — I had my drink, my supplements, I logged my food. It became part of my routine,” Trish said. “I was reluctant to do the morning ginger drink, but now I miss it.”

Trish loved the support of the group and the accountability. And since she loves to cook, she shared a lot of her recipes and photos of her meals.

“I’ve done other challenges, and they were not joyful,” she said. “I liked that you could do the challenge and make it work for me. It was a great way to start the year off.”