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Strengthen Your Practice During The COVID-19 Pandemic

March 19, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all aspects of everyday life in the U.S. and around the world. 

It has shut down businesses, cultural institutions, restaurants, and bars. It has postponed live events and large festivals. And all non-essential services are being shuttered to slow the spread of the virus. 

Amid all the uncertainty, it may feel like your business is on the edge. 

The reality is that YOU are needed now more than ever. 

The world is finally paying attention to the seriousness of chronic conditions. Everything from diabetes to heart disease to cardiopulmonary conditions make COVID-19 infections worse. 

People living with chronic conditions are waking up to the importance of good health. 

They are desperately looking for solutions to boost their immunity and get stronger.

If you are uncertain about how to move forward, take a deep breath. Then use these tips to support clients right now: 

Take advantage of the movement toward telehealth

Legislators and private sector leaders have recently made telehealth a viable option for treatment. 

To support diagnosing coronavirus cases, the Department of Health and Human Services has cut the amount of paperwork needed for physicians to evaluate patients via telemedicine

The FCC’s Keep America Connected Pledge makes it easier for clients to connect with you online. Over 60 internet service providers have taken the pledge. They have opened wifi hotspots to all, raised broadband speeds, and suspended data caps. In the last week alone, internet usage has increased by 30% worldwide. 

This means that more people than ever are online, and they are looking for the health solutions that you can provide. 

Expand your online offerings with MBODY360

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel by creating your own website, online platform, and app. 

Right now, you can use the MBODY360 app and practitioner portal to offer clients done-for-you nutrition plans or even start a community group program. With a few clicks, you can create a group in your practitioner portal and launch your group program

Use one of these 4 COVID-19 coaching business ideas 

Market yourself and your programs

Upgrade to the Solo practitioner membership, and you can serve an unlimited number of clients with our pre-loaded nutrition plans. Then promote your new online offerings in your marketing channels: 

Offer new immune-boosting plans with supplements 

Want to offer immunity support? You can set up a 28-Day Clean Eating challenge, or a Mediterranean Intermittent Fasting plan. These plans are perfect for those who want to increase their health game even if they’re otherwise healthy. 

For clients who are dealing with specific health challenges, you can choose one of the MBODY360 specialty plans: 

When combining supplements with your plans, you can potentially help clients see results faster. And you can order immune-boosting supplements right through your practitioner portal from Designs for Health, Pure RXO, and Pure Prescriptions.

Now more than ever with COVID-19 pandemic, people are seeking long-term wellness, prevention as well as connection.

This is your time to become the leader that builds a community of wellness, supporting your existing clients and connecting with new ones – even remotely.