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Attract More Health Coaching Clients With Group Challenges

July 7, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

Helping clients stay motivated to reach their health goals is easier with a quick win. Offering a short group challenge is an effective way to help clients get results. And it’s a great way to engage more clients and prospects to fill your coaching programs. 

What is a Group Challenge? 

A challenge is a short program that allows your clients to reach an achievable goal. Give your audience a chance to get one step closer to reaching their goals can give them momentum to keep going.  

For example, Melissa Hartwig Urban started the Whole30 program  as a personal dietary experiment. Her goal? To transform her health, habits, and emotional relationship with food. 

Challenges work well when they are time-bound with a specific start and end date. You will get better outcomes and compliance when your grop starts together. Offering daily prompts will help them follow through on their challenge goals. 

Using Mbody360’s Group Challenge Plans

Your Mbody360 portal comes with several nutritional challenges built into the plans section, and you can launch them to your community with a few clicks: 

The Clean Eating Challenge – 14 Days 

This challenge gives your community the opportunity to “clean up” their eating habits. The goals are to eat whole foods, while eliminating dairy, gluten, packaged foods, sweeteners and sweets, as well as factory-farmed meats. 

It is the most flexible challenge because you can set it up without requiring clients to follow recipes. And challengers have the freedom to eat anything on the approved food list. Plus, you can choose to offer a 14- or 28-day challenge.

If you want to offer challenges for specific dietary restrictions, with meal plans and recipes, you can offer any of the following challenges:

Enhance Your Group Challenges With Mbody360 Tools

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t have to be about eating. You could offer challenges to improve sleep habits, to boost exercise frequency, or to start a meditation practice. 

So if you were offering the Clean Eating Challenge, for example, you could also have participants track how much they sleep, or have them add in their exercise or meditation goals and track their progress. All of these metrics can be tracked in the app. 

What Your Participants May Gain from Group Challenges

Dropping 5 pounds in a week. Feeling less stressed. Better moods and clearer thinking.  Better endurance. All could be quick wins that your challengers get from your program.

When participants get see positive results, they get motivated to keep going. They might join one of your group programs or hire you to provide one-on-one coaching. And they will likely tell their friends about what they’re doing to look and feel better. Let me tell you about ED from my clinical experience. This term refers to the difficulty or inability of a male to achieve or maintain an erection of sufficient quality so that it could enable sexual intercourse. This pathology concerns nearly 3 million men in France alone, and is increasingly common among older men, as it affects one in three men after the age of 40 and one in two after the age of 60, according to a study by the original manufacturer of Cialis. ED is most often caused by a decrease in blood flow or high blood pressure – and that is where Cialis bring relief and help.

These word-of-mouth referrals can help you grow your practice and fill your programs. 

Get Free Promotion with Prizes


If you would love more clients bragging about how great they feel from doing your challenge, you can add a contest to your challenge. Not only are they great for getting more engagement in your program, friendly competition can also help more clients hit their goals. 

For example, you could have participants post their clean eating meals on Instagram or Facebook. Or get them to post photos of their workout or meditation space. Have them tag their posts with a hashtag promoting your challenge. 

Participant that adds the most posts will win a free prize from you. Prizes can be anything from a gift you mail to them (like a book or a t-shirt), to a gift certificate good for one of your services. 

Get Known for Helping Clients Succeed 

The more people you have participating in and sharing your challenge, the wider you can grow your reach. And the more word-of-mouth referrals you can receive from friends and family. 

Mbody360 gives you everything you need to launch a successful challenge. You have done-for-you plans ready for challengers. The app helps your participants track their progress and stay engaged with the plan. 

Once you become known for having a challenge program that will get results quickly, you can attract more clients to grow your practice.