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Starting a Health Coaching Business Online

March 23, 2022 - Christy Goldfeder

When you started your health coaching business, you may have envisioned helping people in your immediate surroundings get healthier and achieve their wellness goals. And it’s likely that you can find a number of great clients right near your hometown.

But sometimes meeting in person is not convenient for various reasons. For example, some clients may not feel comfortable meeting you in person, due to the ongoing pandemic. If you’re not in a highly-populated area, you may not have as many of your ideal clients in the immediate vicinity.

The good news is that there are plenty of potential clients actively looking for you right now. And though they might not be right near your home, meeting with them can be just as convenient, thanks to technology. And you can attract them to your practice with a few clicks of your mouse.

Why Start a Health Coaching Business Online?

When you bring your health coaching practice online, you have a broader market of ideal clients to choose from — and they don’t have to be in your immediate area. Thanks to wifi, smartphones, and a more wired world, potential clients can search and find your practice online.

Search terms like “Health Coach near me” and “Personal Trainer near me” are trending higher on Google as of the writing of this article in March 2022. It seems like there’s no shortage of people online who are looking for guidance and support to reach their health and wellness goals.

You can easily attract more potential clients with a robust website that focuses on your health coaching specialty. Focus on just one or two different niche markets in order to attract the right people to your online practice. When you optimize your website with keywords associated with your niche, your ideal clients can more easily find you and your business.

Online Health Coaching is Part of The New Health Care

As we noted in our 5 Key Opportunities in Health Coaching article in February, more consumer health apps are including health coaches as part of their offerings. That means more people are getting used to —- and seeking out — health coaching through their technology. They are getting used to the idea of working with health coaches virtually and through their smart devices.

Another trend to watch is the mainstream recognition of the value of health coaches. Everything from the American Medical Association creating temporary CPT codes to track health coaching in billing records, to the number of health coach certification programs, means that health coaching is becoming more important.

So bringing your health coaching practice online will give you more opportunities to reach clients and grow your practice.

Get Your Health Coaching Business Online With the Right Tech Stack

MBODY360 will give you the right technology pieces you need to help stay in touch with your health coaching clients and manage their care. Your clients can use the app to follow their custom nutrition plans and purchase supplements through the MBODY360 Wellness Store. You can also use the practitioner portal to securely communicate with your clients.

But if you want to truly bring your whole practice online, you will need the right technology pieces in place.

When you are just starting out, your key technology solutions will include your website and your email list. You can add more pieces as you continue to grow your business.

For more details and a full breakdown of what you need, you can check out our Health Coaching Tech Stack article.

Set Your Mindset Right to Build a Health Coaching Business Online

Sometimes it’s not a matter of having the right technology stack or knowing your ideal target market. You might not have a robust online business because of your mindset.

For example, there is a common mindset myth that many health coaches have that they don’t have a big enough audience to attract clients. But you don’t need a huge audience to build a robust health coaching practice.

What you do need is a specific market that you serve and a specific pain point that people have that you can easily solve. Once you become more specific about who you help and which problems you solve, it becomes much easier for you to attract the right people to your practice.

If you have a great offer and the right people in your audience, it doesn’t matter if your audience is small.

Check out these other common mindset myths that keep you from growing your health coaching practice.

Get Your Health Coaching Business Online and Find the Right Clients

Once you narrow your niche market and identify your ideal clients, it becomes infinitely easier to grow a thriving health coaching practice. You will know who you are targeting and where you can find them online.

There are more people than ever online, and they are looking for an endless number of products and services — including health coaching. The sooner you can get your health coaching practice online, the easier it will be for you to reach the people who are looking for your help.