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5 Ways Group Programs Help Grow Your Practice

December 19, 2019 - Christy Goldfeder

You want to grow your practice to boost earnings and help more clients. But everyone has the same number of hours in a day, and there are only so many clients you can serve at one time. 
That’s why launching group programs can help. 
Give your clients a jumpstart with nutrition challenges, cleanses, or detox plans. These types of programs can also help you reach more people at one time while boosting your earnings. And they won’t add hours to your busy schedule.
Creating a group program may feel daunting. But they can actually take less effort than you think when you use the right tools to run them. 
Here are five ways offering group programs will help: 

Group Programs Save More Time

Launching a group program allows you to help clients with similar goals. And you don’t have to increase your workload. 
You can start with a kickoff call, where you introduce the program and offer time for questions. This can be through a web conferencing program like Zoom or GotoMeeting/GotoWebinar. In one 90-minute group session, you can take care of dozens of clients. It’s the same amount of time that you might spend with one individual patient. 
You can save more time by using Automated Reminders. Support all the group members at once through the MBODY360 app. Write messages in your own style and voice, and they will be automatically sent each day. As each message pops up through the app, your patients will feel like you are with them on the journey. 
If you want to support your group with text messaging, you can communicate with the whole group at once. Send group chat message through your practitioner portal. Instead of receiving individual messages, you’ll see them all in one place. 

Group Programs Boost Accountability

Many clients have better outcomes when they take part in group coaching sessions. That’s because of positive peer pressure. Being held accountable in a group setting helps clients commit to their health goals. 
You can offer a few online Q&A sessions with live coaching to support your clients through their program. While they get support, they also recommit to their health goal each time they show up in your sessions. 
You could add more value through a private forum through your website or Facebook. If your group becomes very active, you may start seeing clients supporting each other. They may answer each other’s questions, celebrate each other’s successes, and commiserate when issues pop up

Group Programs Boost Earnings Without Adding More Hours

We all have the same number of hours in each day. You can only see a limited number of individual clients each day.
With group programs, you can serve ten times the number of clients that you support at one time. That also means earning more per hour than you do with individual clients. 
For example, say you have one client paying $2,000 per month for your program: one-on-one sessions, nutrition plan and supplements. You launch a 28-day group challenge with 50 clients that pay $397 each for your group coaching sessions, program and supplement package
For the same number of hours, you could make 10 times the income while supporting 49 more clients at once. Running successful groups is opportunity for every practitioner. 

Use Done-For-You Plans to Simplify Your Group Program Launch

Group programs can feel like a big undertaking because of the materials that you need to provide. Whether it’s a 7-day challenge or a 28-day reset, your clients will want to know exactly what they need to do to succeed. That means you need to offer:
  • Meal plans
  • Recipes
  • Shopping lists
  • What to eat and what to avoid 
  • Daily or weekly guidelines for success
But you don’t need to reinvent the wheel! You can use a done-for-you program designed by nutrition professionals.
MBODY360 comes pre-loaded with a library  of done-for-you plans. You can choose from clean-eating to low sugar, and from Mediterranean to Paleo, AIP and Keto. MBODY360 nutritionist Isabel Smith, R.D., designed each program with all the elements you need for your group’s success.

Add Done-For-You Supplement Kits to Improve Group Program Outcomes

Cleanses and detoxes are so popular because clients see fast results. Clients stay motivated when they feel the shift in their energy and moods, and see the numbers on the scale notch down
But getting clients on board with prepping their own meals for a detox program can be challenging if they’re not used to cooking. Meal replacement shakes, detox supplements, and digestive formulas simplify programs. They help clients stay energized and nutritionally balanced while reducing calorie intake. 
For example, you can offer the VegeCleanse Plus™ or Detox programs from Designs for Health, or one of the PurePrescriptions Cleanse kits right through your app
Or if you have another type of done-for-you Detox or Cleanse kit that you offer clients, you can add it as part of your group program
You can add done-for-you detox and supplement kits right through the MBODY360 app. 
With a done-for-you supplement cleanse kit, you can improve the chances of your clients succeeding during the challenge. And you’ll also increase your income with commissions from every kit that you sell.