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From Food Journals To Nutritional Coaching Apps – Keeping Track Keeps Your Patients and Clients Conscious

March 16, 2017 - Kari Thorstensen

Decades ago, people began keeping food journals, whether they were trying to lose weight, control their cholesteral, manage their diabetes, or otherwise improve their diet and therefore their health.

The logic, then and now, is simple: the more aware your clients and patients are of what they are consuming, the more aware they become of how their habits change the way they look, feel and function.

The more aware they become of mindless snacking, emotional eating, and other seemingly unconscious behaviors, the more able they are to take control of their health goals.

Coaches Can Help Beyond the Traditional Written Food Journal

For decades keeping a food journal has been “prescribed” by medical doctor,  after physicals and tests.

For fitness and wellness practioners,  the written journal was part of a regimen related to fitness programs.

Over the last ten years and especially in the last few years, thousands of mobile apps have begun replacing the paper and pen, making it possible for people to not only keep track, but also plan better.

Nutrition apps made understanding things like calories, fat, sugar and sodium easy, and shopping apps made scanning products for nutritional information and comparisons a “snap” in grocery stores.

Today there are over 100,000 mobile apps helping people get well and stay well, and with arguably the most popular fitness app (MyFitnessPal) reaching its 75th million user last year, and being sold to UnderArmour for nearly half a billion dollars, the popularity of using mobile apps to self-monitor nutritional habits will only grow.

We’ve advanced exponentially beyond hand-written food diaries now to keeping track on our smartphones – but is that enough?

Enhance Your Practice By Providing Your Own Mobile App to Patients and Clients, Taking Conscious Nutritional Living to a New Level

With apps like MBODY360, coaches can create personalized plans and engage their patients or clients to participate in real time by following those plans and not only tracking but sharing their progress. Coaches can provide meal plans based on each individual’s health challenges and personal goals, can provide recipes, educate on the often unrecognized benefits of super foods, warn on the harmfulness of certain processed foods, and advise on the right combination of food  – proteins, fruits, good carbs, raw foods, grains, and more. Coaches can help orchestrate vegeterian and vegan diets, and help their patients and clients make good choices even when they are traveling on business or on vacation, while helping parents instill children with “food awareness” very early on, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy eating.

The most popular books on nutrition and wellness are also being enhanced with mobile apps that magically follow the reader into his or her real life after they read the books, engaging readers in 7-day, 21-day and other cleanse and jumpstart programs – making the process more fun, more convenient, and more rich with information, photos, tips, and even community encouragement when social media is integrated.

Why recommend to your patients and clients that they keep a written food diary when it is now so easy to offer them a better, even branded digital alternative?

Modernize your practice as a passionate health and wellness personal coach, and help bring a more convenient, personalized, easy to use, trackable and automated app to your patients and clients, deepening your relationships with them as you stay with them on their journey to happier and healthier lives.