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Support Clients With a Fall Immunity Booster Group Program

October 21, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

As the weather cools down, and people spend more time indoors, cold and flu viruses get active. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the viral disease caused by a SARS-related coronavirus, is by definition airborne.

With COVID-19 starting a second wave, more people will be looking for solutions to keep their immune system robust.

Most clients can benefit from your health coaching support to protect themselves from seasonal illnesses. You can offer your clients one of several done-for-you MBODY360 plans as a fall immunity booster program.

Your Immune Support Plans are Ready to Go in MBODY360

With dozens of done-for-you plans complete with recipes, shopping lists, and meal plans already in MBODY360, you could launch your group program today. To create a fall immunity booster program, you can offer one of these anti-inflammatory plans:

Intermittent fasting has been found to improve metabolism, lower blood sugar, and reduce inflammation, which can also offer immune system support.

Recommend Anti-Viral and Immune Supportive Nutrients

Besides the recipes within your nutrition plans, you can also encourage your group program participants to incorporate the following nutrients in their meals:

Include Lifestyle Changes that Can Support Immune Function

Beyond eating well and incorporating immune-supportive nutrients, there are other lifestyle factors that clients can make to support a robust immune system.

In your group program, you can also recommend clients take on additional lifestyle changes such as:

Opening the windows circulates new air in and reduces indoor pollutants. You can also encourage clients to go for walks outside, spend time in parks or taking forest bathing walks in the woods.

Encourage Life-Long Habits for Healthy Immunity

Your clients’ health journey doesn’t end with their group program. It is the beginning of cultivating healthier habits to prevent both seasonal illness as well as long term, chronic conditions.

Some clients will stick with their new habits. Others will need more support. You can offer clients an additional group program, self-guided programs or one-on-one coaching to help them become active advocates for their own wellbeing.