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Attract Clients With a Fall Detox Group Program

September 15, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

After a lazy summer of slower days and indulgences, many clients are ready to get back to their routines and to healthier living. 

Fall is the perfect time to offer a detox program to support new and current clients — and to give your practice a healthy boost. 

Detoxing Helps Clients Prime Their Health for Fall

When fall arrives, we trade fresh air and sunshine for heated rooms and indoor air. As temperatures dip outdoors and we spend more time in closer quarters, that’s when viruses and colds get active. 

Boosting immunity and prepping for fall can be one of the smartest moves your clients can make in order to fend off colds, flus and viruses

Your clients can use your fall detox to consciously slow down, eat mindfully, and get back on track with their health goals. And in the process, they will be strengthening and supporting their body’s detoxification process. 

Offering a Group Detox is Healthy for Your Practice 

If you typically offer one-on-one coaching, you know how much time and effort it takes to support your individual clients. And because you have a finite number of hours you can work, you can only take on a limited number of individual clients. 

When you offer a group detox, you can support many clients at once. With the one-to-many group coaching format, you can support dozens of clients in the same amount of time per week that you support one individual client. 

Even if you charge significantly less for your group program compared to your one-to-one coaching, you could still make more per hour with a group program. 

Let’s say your group program is $197 and your individual coaching is $997. If you have 10 people in your group, you’ll earn roughly double your individual rate — but you’ll be helping 10 people instead of one. 

Choose Your Fall Group Detox Plan

It’s easy to launch a Fall Detox when you have MBODY360’s done-for-you plans at your fingertips. Some good options in the plans library include: 

Paleo Challenge: Help clients get back to basic, whole food eating with clean animal proteins, nuts, vegetables and fruit.

Ketogenic: This classic Keto plan shifts the body’s metabolism from carb burning to fat burning. It is good for clients that want to lose weight, support healthy blood glucose levels and brain health 

The Low Sugar Challenge: This low-glycemic meal plan addresses inflammation issues and can be used by clients who are pre-diabetic or have Type II diabetes. Our research has shown that Tadalafil must be taken in accordance with the instructions. One pill should be taken within 30-50 minutes before sexual activity, it is recommended to take the drug with plain water or a soft drink. The maximum dosage per day allowed is 20 mg. If necessary, you can reduce the dosage twice, focusing on your health and the doctor’s recommendations.

Healthy Heart: Designed for clients with hypertension or high cholesterol, this program supports heart health.

Set Up Your Group in MBODY360 

Inside your practitioner portal, you can create a group for your Fall Detox:

Once your group is set up, you can add clients as members of the group. 

Customize Your Plan Messages 

The done-for-you plans all have pre-written messages that will be automatically sent to each person in your group program through their MBODY360 app. 

But you can take any of these daily messages and edit them to match your Fall Detox theme. Send journaling prompts, motivational quotes, fall-themes activities to try, or anything else that you can dream up to make your plan feel more personalized to your practice. 

Upload Custom Fall Detox Videos or Documents

Personalize your Fall Detox with your own media! If you have your own Fall Detox documents or videos such as: 

You can add any of these in the documents and video sections of your plan. 

The more personal, branded items that you add to your plan, the more your clients will feel like you are personally coaching them. 

Send Group Messages Securely Through MBODY360

When your group program starts, you can communicate with your whole group through the group messenger in your practitioner portal. 

Because all messaging through MBODY360 is HIPAA- compliant, you and your clients can be sure that any information sent through our platform is secure — unlike Facebook groups. Your data will never be shared. 

What to Do When Your Fall Detox Ends

Clients get good results through your group program? Help them continue and reach all of their health goals through one-on-one coaching or a maintenance program. 

And if you get raving fans that can’t stop talking about your program, invite them to share it with their friends. Whether they give you a shout out on social media, or send private messages, the word-of-mouth referrals can lead to more clients.