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Fall Refresh: Getting Clients Back to Routine

September 8, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

Have your clients fallen off track from their goals during the slower summer months?

Like many people with cabin fever from months of COVID lockdown, maybe they got relief from routine through beach vacations, RVing to campgrounds, or enjoying indulgent barbecues. 

The seasonal shift from summer to fall brings a sense of new beginnings. Back to school for the kids also means back to routine for the adults. 

Now is the perfect time to reach out to lapsed clients and reactivate them into your programs. 

Here are three simple ways to help past and present clients get back to routine and back on their plan. 

For Past Clients: Offer a 15-Minute Health Goal Check In 

Your top past clients that accomplished their health goals are your best prospects for the 15-Minute Check In. 

That’s because they have already had success with you in the past. And as highly-motivated clients, they’re likely to commit to and achieve new goals with your support. 

Pick out your best past clients and send them each a personal note. 

You can send your note directly through the MBODY360 app if they are set up as a client through your practitioner portal.

Or if you communicate via text, email or phone, you can introduce them to the option of working with you through your app as a new option. 

Reactivate Lapsed Clients: Recommit to Diet and Exercise Plans

If you have current clients that have fallen off of their plans, you can offer a recalibration check in. During your call, you can ask open-ended questions to get to the root cause of their lapse in following their program. 

If they have slipped because they went on vacation or because lazy summer days make it easier to slack off, you can ask them to remember why they started. 

Get them to imagine how their life will change if they recommit to their original goals:

You can also take them down the road they are currently traveling and ask them what they will see, feel, hear and experience if they keep doing the same old things. 

Support Current Clients: Metrics Check In

With clients that are tracking well, you can check in to see how they are feeling. 

Before you reach out, review their metrics in your practitioner portal. Note the number of green, yellow, and red dots that they have. 

When you check in, ask about any and all changes that they notice in their wellbeing: 


Consider Adding Seasonal Check-ins

You don’t have to limit the check in to one season. 

You could have four seasonal check-ins as part of your regular outreach to your past and current clients. 

Many clients that need the extra nudge — and know that they do better with support —- will appreciate knowing that you’re there to help them get back on track. 

And the seasonal check-in, along with your other marketing efforts, can be a tool that helps avoid the feast-and-famine cycle that many health coaching practices go through.