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How to Create Evergreen Programs for Recurring Income

January 28, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder


When you’re a solo practitioner, you’re in charge of everything in your business — everything from finding new clients, coaching and supporting your clients, and all the admin work that goes along with running a business.

So it’s important to streamline and simplify your practice so you can focus on what matters most — supporting clients and helping more people.

Through MBODY360, you have done-for-you plans that you can make into evergreen programs right away. With evergreen programs, you can build a recurring revenue stream that supports your practice — and helps it grow without adding extra hours to your schedule. And it can become the lifeline that sustains your business no matter what happens in the economy.

So how do you create recurring income from evergreen programs?

Offer packages and programs

For coaches, trainers, and other health practitioners, the most common source of recurring income is through client programs or packages that span over several months.

Most clients who are making habit changes and improving their health will benefit from working with you regularly over several weeks or months. With consistent support, clients can build healthier habits over time that become longer lasting health changes.

Using the programs through the MBODY360 app, you can keep your clients engaged with you and your programs longer. Not only does this help your clients get better results, it also gives you more revenue over time — instead of “one and done” health consultations.

You can offer several different programs to meet clients where they are in their health journey. A variety of offerings ensure that you have the right programs for the right clients at the right times.

Evergreen nutrition coaching packages

For clients who want to lose weight or detox, a 12-month nutrition package can help them achieve their goal and sustain their success.

You can use any of the done-for-you nutrition plans in MBODY360 to create a targeted program for your existing clients and to attract new ones. Each and every nutrition plan has been professionally designed by a certified nutritionist and registered dietician, so you know that they are balanced and healthy.

Evergreen fitness packages

If you are a fitness trainer, you can also offer your classes in packages that span over several months to support your clients’ specific training and fitness goals.

For example, you could offer workout programs that last anywhere from 3 to 12 months to help clients reach strength training goals, compete in fitness events like a triathlon, marathon, or obstacle course, or reach a certain level of flexibility and mobility.

Supplement subscriptions

For clients who prefer to support their overall health through supplementation, you can support them by offering high-quality supplements, herbs and adaptogens right through the MBODY360 Wellness store.

When you become an affiliate, you can assign your clients supplements right through the app. You can send your clients directly to the store to shop through your affiliate link. As long as you are signed up as an affiliate, you will earn 25% commission on anything that your clients buy through your unique link.

Your clients can also purchase their supplements through a recurring subscription. Their supplements will be shipped directly to their doorstep in recurring shipments so that they never run out of their supply.

Automatic client purchase subscriptions are a powerful, proven way to generate revenue in all types of businesses. This is the same model used in gym memberships and yoga studios.

With recurring purchases, customers sign up and get their delivery without having to think about the purchase every time. And as long as they stay subscribe, you know how much revenue you will earn.

Predictable income each month

When you have several different clients working with you in months-long packages or programs, you know that you will be get a certain amount of income each month.

For example, if you have 20 people enrolled in a 6-month program that is $397 per month, you can expect to earn at least $7940 per month.

With predictable income, you can feel more confident and relaxed about attracting new clients. And when you have more predictable income, it gives you the freedom to launch new programs and promote your practice without feeling stressed about how to cover the bills.

Taking control of your time

When you can spend more time promoting your business, you can create an abundance of customers and consistent flow so that you never have to go look for clients — they will naturally come to you.

Fringe Benefits

And guess what? Having more control of your time allows you to also take more of it for yourself — to reconnect with yourself and to take time off.

When was the last time you unplugged completely on a stay-cation or went away on a vacation?

Taking time off is not only good for your body and mind, it’s also good for your business. When you can show up 100% for your clients, feeling recharged and refreshed, you can give so much more to people who truly need your help.

Evergreen & Growing

Recurring income is relatively easy to achieve when you have the right evergreen programs and structures in place. It does take some work to get momentum. But once your evergreen programs and packages are available and accessible to your clients, you can easily double or triple your income without adding tons of extra hours to your schedule.