Generate Better Health Outcomes &  Additional Revenue
with In-App Supplement Purchases



The Right Supplements

At the Right Time

Make sure your clients get the right supplements to support their health program with MBODY360’s online store integration.

Convenience for you — assign lifestyle plans, recommend specific supplements, monitor and coach clients — all from one platform with one login.

And convenience for your clients – with detailed meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists, tracking, reminders, supplements, and coaching. Engage, coach, and enable e-commerce all from one App.

Our supplement partners carry top-quality, professional supplements, offer generous affiliate commissions, and provide great customer care to you and your clients.

Start creating better health outcomes and generating additional revenue with supplements today.


Get Started in Just Two Easy Steps


1. Sign up with one of our supplement dispensary partners

Our partners carry high-quality, professional supplements, offer you a generous affiliate commission, and have great customer care.

Already signed up with a different dispensary partner? Tell them about MBODY360! In the meantime, you can also sign up with one of our current partners.

Have your own online store? We’ve got you covered. We can easily integrate with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and just about any e-commerce platform.




2. Tell Us Your Affiliate or Store ID

Login into your portal. Go to Settings under your Profile (The Icon next to Help in the Portal)

Then Select your partner and Enter your affiliate ID or virtual Store name.

That’s It

You’re e-commerce ready!

Now you’ll be able to search and select supplements from the supplement catalog when adding supplement recommendations on either the Plan Template or for the individual client.

Clients can conveniently purchase them with one click from the App. And you’ll start earning an affiliate commission on every purchase.

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