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Build Your 2021 Business Now with Early Bird Packages

November 14, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

The best health coaching clients are those who are proactive in their health journey. And because they are coachable and ready for change, they are more likely to get results.

You can reward these VIP clients with year-end discounts and specials that will help them progress on their wellness journey through the next year.

When you offer year-end specials, you can also create more predictable income for your practice. Booking yourself in advance and knowing who will be working with you in the coming months — or all year — will give you some breathing room to plan for other new programs or product launches.

Create your program structures

You can offer any number of different types of programs, depending on your specialty and how best to support your clients.

Monthly private coaching

Clients who want vibrant health will want consistent support to help them stay on track. You can bundle together packages of 3-month, 6-month or 12-months with one-on-one sessions with you. By offering an “early-bird” or “real commitment” discount, you are more likely to sign up your best clients first.

Niche group programs

Launch a group program that focuses on your health coaching niche — for example, thyroid health, adrenal fatigue, heart health, or pre-diabetes. You can use one of the MBODY360 plans to give your clients a complete package through the app. Niche programs are great ways that you can re-engage your existing clients, and attract new clients who are seeking out your niche expertise.

Seasonal detox programs

Do you offer a detox in the spring or a reset in the fall? You can create an “evergreen” continuity program by offering four programs — one for each season. Package all four of your seasonal detoxes or resets into one year-long package and deliver them through the app. You can offer a discount for clients who purchase more than one or sign up for the whole year!

Offer them what they want

What results do your clients want to achieve?

Whether they want to lose weight, solve their digestive issues, or get more energy by supporting their adrenals or thyroid, you need to show how your programs will help them reach their specific goal.

Sing your own praises. Sell your approach.

As you are marketing your practice and programs, don’t forget to sell the benefits of what they will get out of working with you before diving into all of the features of your program. Differentiate your practice with your knowledge and expertise, or your unique approach to health or working with clients.

Provide the “early bird” incentive

Give your clients a great deal for signing up early and reserving their spot in your schedule or your program. Here are just a few of the types of bonuses you could include:

Support your clients and your practice

MBODY360 gives you the perfect platform NOW to launch your early bird specials in for the new year. It offers the tools to help your clients stay accountable and engaged in their plans, and it gives you a way to automate and communicate with more clients with less time and effort.

With your early bird specials and MBODY360, you can reward your best clients by giving them access to your best support. Incentivizing them with an exclusive bonus or discount makes their purchase an easy “yes” to help them reach their new year goals.

Year-end deals and “pre-launch” discounts are used by businesses everywhere, and they can help you support your business by pre-booking your practice with motivated, paying clients.

When you know you already have clients booked into your schedule, you will be better able to forecast your income and predict your revenue, and make more room to grow.

And you’ll be able to breathe a lot easier when the new year rolls around.