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Helping Clients Get Motivated to Cook

May 25, 2022 - Christy Goldfeder

Clients who want to learn to eat healthier often need to build basic habits around food. Many need guidance on cooking healthier meals and getting in the habit of making food at home.

Cooking at home can take clients a long way in getting them closer to their health goals. That’s because clients have more control over how much they’re eating and what they’re eating when they cook at home.

Many restaurant foods have excessive fat, sugar, and salt to enhance the flavor. Restaurant portions also tend to be 50% bigger than normal portion sizes. Eating a healthier diet in smaller portions can help clients lose weight and reduce symptoms that can lead to chronic disease.

But cooking at home isn’t always easy if clients aren’t used to preparing their own food.

Some clients may not know how to cook. Others might not be in the habit of shopping and prepping their own foods. And others might use busyness as an excuse to get more takeout and go to restaurants more than they cook at home.

As a health coach, you can use MBODY360 to help clients get into a healthier habit of cooking.

Teach Clients Through Cooking Videos

If you coach people to cook and have cooking videos, you can upload them as links within the plans in MBODY360. When you assign a plan to a client, your video links will be included in the plan — so your clients can watch them and learn right in their app.

If you don’t have your own content but you have other people’s videos that you share with clients, you can also upload links to YouTube or Vimeo videos in the plans through your MBODY360 Practitioner Portal.

Help Clients Ease Into Cooking

If your client is not used to cooking — or has little experience in the kitchen — you can have them start slowly with just a few recipes per week. You can give your client a nutrition plan and work with them to pick out a few recipes in the plan to try.

Your client will have all of the shopping lists of ingredients and steps to prepare each dish. And because the dishes are simple with just a few ingredients, they are easy to make.

Many clients will find that they not only enjoy making these dishes but that they also taste great. Some clients will find recipes that they want to make over and over again.

As your client gets more comfortable cooking, you can have them make more dishes each week until they are cooking almost every meal at home.

When clients follow the specific recipes and measurements, they will be making dishes that are perfectly portioned for 1-2 people. This makes it easy for clients to get more energy, lose weight, and reverse chronic conditions naturally.

MBODY360 Makes Prepping and Cooking Simple

The MBODY360 app has dozens of nutrition plans that you can instantly assign to your client. Each plan has a complete set of recipes, menu plans, and shopping lists.

Each shopping list includes the precise ingredients needed to make the dishes on the weekly plan, so your clients will be able to purchase all of the ingredients they need without wasting food by buying unnecessary items.

The recipes within the MBODY360 app are simple and have few ingredients. This makes it easy for clients to follow and cook quickly. So even if your clients don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen, they will feel comfortable experimenting with the recipes and trying new dishes.

It’s been said that strong, healthy bodies are built in the kitchen — not the gym. Giving your clients an opportunity to fine-tune their eating by cooking at home can help them reach their physical health goals faster and give them more satisfaction in seeing faster results from working with you.