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Boost Client Engagement Using Automated Messages

June 26, 2020 - Christy Goldfeder

Motivated clients with clear health goals do not need as much health coaching as less-committed clients.

No matter how dedicated your clients may be, consistent reminders from you can go a long way toward helping them reach their goals. 

In this two-part series, you’ll discover how you can automate routine tasks like messages to help clients stay more engaged with their plans. 

Customize your plan reminders

Each plan in your MBODY360 practitioner portal comes with its own pre-written reminders. 

Reminders are sent through the app to clients at specific times of the day to give them a gentle nudge. They may prompt for daily practices like movement, meditation, staying hydrated, and so on.

And while reminders are pre-populated as examples, you can customize them any way you like. 

For example, if you offer fitness training and coaching, and your client wants to work on bodyweight strength training, you can add in reminders to do push ups, pull ups or lunges throughout each day. 

And you can further customize reminders by changing them up each day. So you could have your client rotate their workouts through the week, like this:

Day 1: Upper body
Day 2: Lower body
Day 3: Full body cardio
Day 4: Upper body
Day 5: Lower body
Day 6: Stretching
Day 7: Rest

Revise your daily messages

The MBODY360 plans also have pre-written daily messages that contain words of motivation and inspirational quotes. You can edit and customize each of them pre-written messages to sound more like your own style. 

How many ways can once-per-day reminders be used? Here are a few ideas:

The possibilities are endless. 

Even though it’s clear that messages in the app are automations, your clients may feel like they are communicating with you directly when you customize them to sound like your voice. 

Create your own video welcome message

When a new client starts working with you, do you find yourself repeating a lot of the same messages?

Instead of repeating yourself, you can record your advice in a video and upload it to your plan. 

You don’t need a professional film crew to make impactful video messages. All you need is your smartphone and your message. 

If you feel nervous on camera, you can practice a few times in front of a mirror with notes. Or you could write out your talking points into a full script if you feel like it will make it easier for you to get into your flow. 

Don’t worry about getting it done perfectly on the first take. You can record a few test-run videos to get used to speaking to a camera. Erase the versions that you don’t like until you get one that you feel good about posting. 

When your video is recorded, you can upload it to your own YouTube channel. Set the video to “private” if you only want specific people with the link to access it. 

In your practitioner portal, choose the plan you want to use and click into the video section. 

Paste your video link into the YouTube link field, and your video will automatically show up in the plan. Then make sure to set the day in the plan when it will be available. If it is an intro video, you should choose day 0 or day 1 so that your client will have immediate access to it.

With automations, you can save lots of time while delivering value to your clients. 

Instead of rewriting the same message over and over again, or giving the same speech again, you can create your valuable content once and deliver it to hundreds of clients. 

They’ll still reap the benefits of having your wisdom at their fingertips.

And you’ll offer more support to more people with less effort.