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Check out MBody360 with Dr. Vincent Pedre – An Evolution of Medicine Podcast

October 1, 2016 - Kari Thorstensen

We’re honored to share that our founder and CEO, Kari Thorstensen, is being featured in a podcast with Dr. Vincent Pedre as part of a series of discussions sponsored by Evomed, the Evolution of Medicine community.

The “Future of Patient Compliance” series pivots the conversation on healthcare “compliance” to “empowerment” with technology making secure, scalable and more automated ways to connect and collaborate possible. e

MBODY360 app is shared an example of how patients and practioners can engage in more convenient and progressive ways.

The podcast shares the inception of our company, and talks about how the underlying technology tracks actively and passively to create real connection between patient and practioner.

MBODY360 has become a key tool in Dr Pedre’s practice. We look forward to future innovations with Dr. Pedre in the coming months!