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New! Optimize Your Client’s CBD and Medical Cannabis With Cannabis Tracking

July 10, 2022 - Christy Goldfeder

Medical cannabis and CBD have helped millions of people support their overall wellbeing. But finding the optimal solution can vary widely between clients — there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Now you can help clients optimize and track their CBD and medical cannabis recommendations with new MBODY360 cannabis tracking.

Practitioner Benefits:

  • Integrate cannabis into an overall healthy lifestyle plan, including nutrition, and complementary supplementation
  • Provide easy-to-follow cannabis recommendations, including product type/delivery method, THC/CBD ratio, dosage, frequency
  • Enable clients to follow and track usage and optimize their experience
  • Monitor impact/effects of medical cannabis usage on overall client health and QOL metrics (quality of life), as well as other relevant clinical metrics
  • Provide a done-for-you cannabis guidance program that clients can follow themselves – without any extra work for you. 

Client Benefits:

  • Easier to integrate cannabis usage into an overall healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, and complementary supplementation 
  • Easier to follow recommendations, track dosages, and optimize experience and benefits
  • A better way to keep your practitioner informed and measure effects and results

Support Clients with Done-For-You Endocannabinoid Nutrition Plan

Complement your client’s cannabis recommendations with a healthy nutrition plan and lifestyle habits that can support their overall experience and results.

The brand-new endocannabinoid nutrition plan is designed with ingredients that can specifically complement cannabis health and wellness. It is complete with meal plans, easy, delicious recipes, and weekly shopping lists.

Recommend Done-For-You Endocannabinoid Supplement Protocols

CBD and cannabis products containing TCH can be part of an overall healthy lifestyle that includes nutrition, sleep, and supplements. Whether your clients are using CBD-only products or cannabis products containing CBD and THC, you can use cannabis tracking to help them optimize their experience and results.

Now you can also choose from 3 new Designs for Health done-for-you supplement protocols to support your clients, and help them achieve their health & wellness goals.

How to Add Cannabis Tracking into Your Practice

Under your practice profile choose Settings. You will need to turn on the Cannabis tracking feature by clicking the check box. Once cannabis tracking is enabled, you can add it to your client’s plan while assigning a new plan or anytime – and enable tracking through the mobile app immediately.

How to Enable Cannabis Tracking & Make Recommendations for Clients

  1. Click on your client’s name to get to their page.
  2. Under the program section, you will see a button for cannabis tracking.
  3. When you click on the button, a pop-up window will allow you to browse through your recommended products and inactive products.
  4. If you have no recommendations listed, you can add a new recommendation by clicking on the “add new” button.
  5. A pop-up window will let you input the product name, the dosage of THC or CBD, time of day that the product should be consumed, the delivery method, and notes about the product.
  6. Click save and your product will appear in your recommended products list for your client, and will also appear in the mobile app.

How Clients Can Track

  1. Once enabled, your client will see a button to track cannabis in the list of metrics to track in their MBODY360 app.
  2. Clicking the cannabis button will show them which products are recommended for breakfast, mid-morning, afternoon, dinner, and bedtime.
  3. Clients can track their cannabis usage, dosage, time to onset, and effects, according to your recommendations.
  4. If the client is substituting an alternate product, they may add the product information to their plan via the mobile app.
  5. To add a new product, they simply click “new product” and add the name and details of the alternate product, and then proceed to track as needed.