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Bust Through Common Health Coaching Myths That Keep Your Business From Growing

December 14, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

You have the passion and drive to be a successful health coach. But when it comes to growing your business, sometimes it feels like you’re rolling a boulder uphill. Could you be inadvertently buying into the common health coaching myths that keep your business small?

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to attract new clients, you may be battling a subconscious belief — and unknowingly limiting the potential of your health coaching business.

Myth #1: I Don’t Know Enough

Your office wall is papered in certifications in everything from nutrition to fitness to energy practices. Your bookshelf is stuffed with binders of course material you completed. And you would have to watch videos for a year straight to absorb all of the training you have collected on your hard drive.

If you’re still thinking about enrolling in your next course, you’re probably fighting the knowledge myth. Every coach gets a case of imposter syndrome at some point.

You don’t need to know everything in order to help people. The majority of health coaching clients don’t have one-tenth of the knowledge that you have about nutrition and healthy living.

If you practice what you preach, you can meet most clients where they are in their health journey and help them take the next step. The ones that want the accountability and support will gladly pay you for your expertise.

Myth #2: I Don’t Have a Big Enough Audience

You see other health coaches everywhere you look. They’re going live again on Facebook with posts, curating perfect Instagram photos and quotes, performing all over TikTok.

But are they really attracting more clients with all of this social media noise?

You don’t need a huge audience to attract ideal clients to your practice. In fact, most social media followers may never convert into clients. While growing your audience is important, don’t overdo it.

Instead of trying to be “everywhere”, it’s better to spend your time on the activities that attract clients that want to work with you.

If you apply the 80/20 rule, there are likely only a few marketing activities that you do on a regular basis that yield the majority of your ideal clients.

For many coaches, ideal clients come from personal word-of-mouth recommendations, networking opportunities, speaking in person or online, and from their own email marketing lists. So it makes sense for coaches to spend more time connecting with peers, launching webinars or recording videos, and writing and sending emails.

Once you pinpoint which marketing tasks bring you more clients, you can spend more of your time on those activities instead of wasting your time on social media.

Myth #3: I Haven’t Healed All My Health Issues Yet

Health is a journey, not a destination — that is what all coaches know and tell their clients. But some coaches falsely believe they have to be “perfectly healthy” or” perfectly fit” to help others improve their health. Not true. You are human, just like your clients.

You will have periods when you feel stronger and healthier. And you will have times when you’re not feeling as well or “on top of your game.” As a health coach on your own health journey, you inspire others to take the next step in their own health journey, by continuing on your own.

It can be challenging to remember where you were when you started your health journey. You might recall that, at first, you made a few small changes that made a huge difference in the quality of your health and life. Maybe something as simple as drinking water instead of soda or sleeping more than 5 hours per night. Small, incremental changes can revolutionize your world when you have been suffering for a long time.

The point is, even if you feel like you’re only a few steps ahead of your clients, that is OK. They still see you as their guide, and lightyears ahead of where they are now.

Health Coaches Wanted — And Needed

More people are waking up to the importance of getting and staying healthy. Many have no idea how to get started on their wellness journey.

Health Coaches are needed now more than ever. Your guidance starts with your individual clients. And as your clients get healthier, your influence creates a ripple effect in their families and communities.

If you are passionate about transforming your clients’ lives, don’t let yourself fall for these health coaching myths. Each of them is a common mindset trap that keeps you from fulfilling your mission.