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Avoiding Summer Client Drop-Off

June 8, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

Wellness clients tend to be as predictable as the seasons and holidays.

They enthusiastically work on healthier habits in the new year and through the spring. By summer, they’re ready for a vacation — and a break from their hard-won routines. They return in droves in September for their second “new year” jumpstart to get back on track.

How can you inspire clients to stick with you through the summer season?

The best way to keep more clients engaged is to inspire them to see the journey of wellness as an ongoing process.

Health is a Marathon Not a Sprint

Clients appear when they have a health scare. They know that their cholesterol or hypertension needs support. They know that lifestyle changes can help with their treatment plan. They don’t want to end up sick like their uncle Joe or grandma Sarah.

Clients show up when they are tired of how they look. They want to lose weight for an event — a family wedding where there will be lots of photos. Or they are about to reach a milestone birthday and want to feel and look younger than they currently do.

Understand their pain points and show them how working with you over the long term will help them change their habits for good. Just like you can’t expect to work out once and be fit for life, you can’t change your habits in one coaching session.

Then offer programs that will support them through summer and beyond.

Offer Summer Season Flex Packages

You might have 3- or 6-month programs that you offer during the busier Spring or Fall seasons. Depending on how you structured them to fit your lifestyle, you could have each phase of your program broken down into one-month or multi-month modules.

Since summer is the vacation season, clients may be resistant to going into a highly structured wellness program. So you could offer a flexible self-guided program or a drop-in group program with MBODY360.

Self-Study and Group Plans For On-The-Go Clients

Clients can keep building their healthy habits from anywhere when they are using the MBODY360 app — and it will help clients stay accountable through daily prompts and reminders.

You can assign a nutrition plan to either a self-study client or to a group of clients and set them up with the MBODY360 app. You can have them track their nutrition, fitness, mindful minutes and body metrics with one-click tracking in the app daily. Encourage them to go deeper with journaling prompts, and they can record their thoughts and feelings using the notes section in the app.

If you offer live or online classes, you can record and upload them to the plan for clients to access whenever they want.

You can also recommend supplements and your clients can buy them through the MBODY360 Wellness Store using your affiliate link. You will earn commissions on any products that they purchase through your link.

Detox Challenges to Keep Clients Motivated

Some clients will want to stay on track with their fitness and weight loss goals as they navigate vacations and summer celebrations. Launching a short 14-Day Summer Detox Challenge can support these motivated clients to stick with their goals over the summer.

You can create a group in MBODY360 and assign one of the 14-day nutrition plans as your detox challenge. Recommend one of the detox kits in the MBODY360 wellness store to support your clients as they go through the program. Simplifying their meal plan with some shakes, bars and nutritional supplements can help them stay on track as they go through your challenge.

Bundling With Your Fall Programs

Want to help keep clients motivated to keep going throughout the year? You can offer a special offer bundle of your summer flex program together with your bigger Fall program.

You can motivate clients to participate in both by offering special pricing for early signup, buying both programs now and paying upfront.

Your clients will be committed to sticking with your programs when they buy bundles — and they’ll be more motivated to buy when you offer them a special deal for signing up.

You will have a better handle on your cash flow and financial projections for months going forward when you have people enrolled long term in your programs.

Continuity Increases Successes

Good clients who are dedicated to getting results want consistent coaching. The people who commit to your continuity programs will get the best results.

Offering longer-term programs gives your coaching practice more stability. You can serve more clients successfully. Your clients get better outcomes and you earn more revenue for your practice.