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Assign Supplements to Support Clients & Earn Revenue with the MBODY360 Wellness Store

January 1, 2021 - Christy Goldfeder

The pandemic has raised public awareness about the importance of preventative health. Now more than ever, people are actively seeking solutions that will support and improve their health before they fall ill with chronic conditions – and recommendations as to how they can use supplements to help.

As a trusted practitioner, you can support your clients’ well being — and earn recurring income — when you add supplements from the MBODY360 Wellness Store to your practice.

Why recommend supplements?

It’s nearly impossible to get all of the nutrients you need from your daily diet. Because of soil depletion from modern farming, many crops that are grown today have been found to have reliable declines in protein, calcium, iron, B vitamins, and vitamin C. Processed food also crowds out nutrient-dense, whole foods, which also contributes to nutrient deficiencies.

Most clients do not even get the recommended daily servings of vitamin and mineral-rich foods to achieve their recommended nutrient intake. So adding supplements can help them balance out their nutritional needs as they work on their health goals.

How supplements help your practice

When you have access to high-quality supplements that you can easily recommend together with diet and lifestyle plans, you have a powerful way to earn a recurring income without adding more hours to your practice.

Supplement purchase can become a source of recurring revenue when your clients reorder their supplement protocols through the MBODY360 app. You set it up once, and they can order the supplements you recommend – or even have them auto-shipped each month.

With the new MBODY360 Wellness Store integrated into MBODY360, you will have access to clinical-grade supplements that are typically only available for purchase through licensed practitioners.

The science difference in the MBODY360 Wellness Store

Every product curated in the MBODY360 Wellness Store is rooted in science and produced with the highest quality and in therapeutic doses.

You can be sure that any of the supplements, nutritional detoxes, and herbal protocols are made with premium ingredients that can help support chronic conditions and promote a higher quality of life.

Save time with MBODY360 in-app solutions

Your MBODY360 portal will contain a complete supplement product catalog. Now, you don’t have to shop around on other websites to find the right supplements. Just log into your MBODY360 portal and you can assign supplements or curated protocols to your clients.

When you assign supplements, you can also customize individual client instructions for taking each of them — how often to take, what time of day, and which dosage.

Your clients can order and reorder their assigned supplements through the MBODY360 app, and they will be delivered directly to their doorstep. No need for you to hold inventory, ship out supplements, or track orders. It’s all done for you.

Getting started with the MBODY360 Wellness Store

The MBODY360 Wellness Store is live NOW!. Sign up here to become an affiliate and get notified when the site is live.

Get more information about the MBODY350 Wellness Store Affiliate Program HERE.

Once you are an affiliate, you will earn a commission on each client purchase through the MBODY360 Wellness Store, or through your MBODY360 app.

How to Assign supplements in MBODY360

In the MBODY360 portal, click on your client’s name. Then click on the “add plan” button.

From the pop-up window, you can select a diet plan, group plan our supplements only program with a food diary.

Then you can select the supplement template that you want your clients to take along with their plan.

You can also offer your clients a small discount as an incentive for them to order the supplements.


If you want to assign individual supplements, you can click the “add supplements” button. A pop-up window will let you search for specific supplement formulas to add to your patient’s plan.

You can add instructions for how to take each formula, including time of day, start and end dates, and write notes to your patient.

Your clients will receive an email about their new plan, and they can then order their supplements.

When you change a client’s supplement recommendations, MBODY360 will automatically send an email to your patient notifying them of updates in their protocol.