The Power of Your Practice in a Mobile App


What if you could get more done in less time and achieve better results for your clients and patients?


Introducing MBODY360 – the complete solution for health & wellness coaching, plans & communications. 

Built for Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioners, Nutritionists and Coaches, MBODY360 is 100% secure, HIPAA-compliant and accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones.


MBODY360 is the Power of Your Practice in a Mobile App! Deliver your detailed plan simply via a free, customizable smartphone app that means clients and patients can now keep track all day, everyday


Four ways MBODY360 can help you improve your practice today


Get More Done

Now you can manage all of your health & wellness plans, access client & patient information, and see individual and group progress in one simple dashboard.  Easily monitor symptoms & conditions and track progress in real time from your desktop or tablet. And MBODY360 streamlines communications so you can provide better coaching and support to your clients and patients


Get Better Results

The intuitive MBODY360 mobile app improves engagement, self-tracking and compliance. With MBODY360, your clients and patients gain instant access to everything they need to follow and track their own personalized wellness plan – guidelines, FAQs, recipes, shopping lists, recommended supplements, video and other content to support your program.


  Save Time

Reduce the amount of time and effort you spend on repetitive tasks and , and have more time to help people get well and stay well. Data visualization makes it easy to quickly see the most important information at-a-glance and automated reminders, notifications and alerts save you hours of time.


   Grow Your Practice

Everybody understands that more engaged patients and clients achieve better outcomes and results. But with MBODY360, you will also be able improve the quality of your coaching and support, and build stronger relationships that lead to happier clients. And happy, healthy clients are the best way to build a healthy practice.


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Better Engagement and Results.
More Time to Grow Your Practice.
MBODY360 is the only HIPAA-compliant mobile platform for real-time health & wellness coaching, practice management and communications, designed exclusively for integrative health & wellness practitioners.

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